Custom Canine Unlimited has a rotating selection of green dogs for sale to LE trainers, and working dog trainers that need a dog with the right drives in the single purpose or dual purpose categories. Most of our clients are law enforcement departments, detection services companies and personal protection trainers. All of our canines are hand selected by our permanent scout teams in Europe and the US. They test each dog for drives and workability so that we can ensure that our clients are getting the right canine for their requirements. Once tested out team has an independent full health screening of the canine before that are selected.

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Custom Canine Unlimited uses a variety of breeds for different working dog requirements. Our team is not looking to dictate to you what breeds will work best for your requirement, but way individual dog. We find that putting the right working dog on the right task always works better for our clients needs. We typically work with Labs, Malinois, Dutch Shepherds and German Shepherds.

Single Purpose

This is a canine that is a working dog that does not have bitework on them, but had the drives to do detection work.

Dual Purpose

This is a canine that is a working dog that does have bite work and is capable of making a great patrol canine or Personal protection dog, as well as the drives to do detection work.


From time to time a client will ask for a dual purpose canine that has more control and may be further along in obedience training. For some personal protection dogs requirements having a titled dog is very important. CCU the capability to fulfill these requirements for our clients.

What does a Green dog mean

The team at CCU this means that the canine is in an untrained state. They may have some obedience on them but that nothing is polished. The green dog also has the capability and drives to do make a great working dog or LE canine. None of our green dogs have started any detection work or serious bitework.

Prep for Green Dogs

If you come to look at our selection of green dogs you have to understand that these canines are in a raw state and that we have performed no real work on these dogs to prepare them. We do not want to start any working dog on a path until we have a specific requirement to fill. Also if you want to come to test please bring the equipment you need for testing.


All of our canines are typically in the one year old to three year old range. We do not ever have puppies available for our clients. These dogs are ready to be imprinted, polished on obedience, and are ready to be put on your task.


All of the Custom Canine Unlimited green canines come with a limited warranty on genetics and workability.