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Terry Adams Jr renowned dog trainer and handler with 9 years of civil and military experience training dogs in explosive detection, narcotic detection, obedience, protection, and many competitive dog sports such as IPO, French ring, Mondio ring, and P.S.A (Protection Sports Association). As well as over 16 years of personal experience in training, breeding, and caring for dogs.

Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Terry always had a love for animals. Beginning at the age of four, I use to bring stray dogs home begging my mom to let me keep them; although not wanting animals, she allowed it because of the care and passion I provided them. She would later say, “Most people could not measure up to him, even at a young age.”

Terry has always had a passion for animals, a passion that developed into a desire to become a veterinarian or police k9 officer. However, things quickly changed at the age of 9 when he was introduced to dog training by his Uncle Larry Johnson, founder of K9 Comrades. There he learned the foundations of protection, detection and obedience training. At age 13, he began an internship at El Cerrito Veterinary Clinic where he excelled. In return Terry was offered employment, working there for 3 years. A few years later, Terry went to college and decided to join the Army where he served in the infantry. Terry was granted the opportunity to become a dog handler in 2008 through the Army Combat Mine Detector Dog Handler course. He deployed later that year to Afghanistan. Terry cleared the way for troops finding hundreds of improvised explosive devises or I.E.D. Terry also graduated from Vohne Liche Kennels as a certified P.E.D.D handler (Patrol Explosive Detection Dog) in 2010. Later in 2010, he deployed to Afghanistan where he found over a hundred weapons caches, explosives, and high-value targets. While in the Army, in his free time he also worked at Barkerhaus Kennels with Owners and mentors Jim and Angie Morgan in El Paso, TX. There he provided obedience, protection, sport, and narcotics detection dog training. Later after leaving the military, he trained under Dave Van Garderen while attending the Tom Rose School for dog trainers, graduating in the top two of his class. In 2015 Terry started his own dog training business called Tactical K-9 Approach. Through his business, he has helped countless dogs and their owners build a better bond through structure and communication. He has trained with thousands of working dogs ranging from police, sport, and military dogs. He also has rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs deemed aggressive or problem dogs.