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Advanced Tracking for MWD Teams

Advanced Tracking for MWD Teams

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Enhance Your MWD Team’s Tracking Proficiency

At Custom Canine Unlimited, we understand the critical role that tracking plays in military operations and law enforcement. Our Advanced Tracking Course is meticulously designed to sharpen the tracking skills of MWD teams, equipping them with the specialized techniques and knowledge required for successfully locating targets in various environments.

Course Overview

Our Advanced Tracking Course focuses on developing the essential skills needed for effective tracking, emphasizing:

  • Scent Discrimination
  • Trail Acquisition
  • Urban and Rural Tracking Scenarios

What Sets Us Apart

Expert-Led Training: Guided by seasoned instructors with extensive military and law enforcement experience, our training ensures the highest level of proficiency by incorporating the latest tracking methodologies and technologies.

Realistic Training Environments: We expose MWD teams to diverse training environments, from dense urban areas to challenging rural landscapes, replicating real-world conditions to enhance their operational readiness.

Customizable Modules: Recognizing the unique needs of each MWD team, our course includes customizable modules that allow teams to concentrate on specific tracking skills, ensuring the training is tailored to their requirements.

Certification of Excellence: Upon successful completion, MWD teams will earn a certification that validates their advanced tracking abilities and commitment to excellence in operational performance.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced Tracking Techniques: Master techniques in scent discrimination, trail acquisition, and navigating complex environments to bolster tracking effectiveness.
  • Industry-Leading Instruction: Receive training from top experts with a wealth of military and law enforcement insight, providing cutting-edge strategies and practical skills.
  • Operational Preparedness: Train in diverse and immersive environments to ensure MWD teams are prepared for a variety of real-world tracking scenarios.
  • Tailored Training: Benefit from customizable modules designed to address the specific needs and goals of individual MWD teams, maximizing training impact.
  • Professional Certification: Achieve a certification that highlights your team’s advanced tracking skills and dedication to the highest training standards.

Join Us Today

Elevate your tracking capabilities and empower your MWD teams with the specialized training they need to excel in their vital missions. At Custom Canine Unlimited, we are committed to enhancing your team’s proficiency through our comprehensive advanced tracking course.

For more information or to enroll, contact us at [[email protected]] or call [877-799-4806].

Unleash your team’s potential with Custom Canine Unlimited—where excellence meets preparedness.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is student lodging available?

    Yes. Student lodging is available.

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    Is student lodging included in tuition?
    No. Unfortunately, lodging costs are not included in tuition.

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    Is there financing available?
    Yes. Custom Canine Unlimited has partnered with some third-party finance companies that can finance this course. Contact Us now to get the latest financing options we have available.


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    My dog is missing. Can you track it?

    Unfortunately, our tracking dogs only track humans.  We cannot come to help you find your missing dog.  Sorry. We do hope your find your friend.