Board & Train Program

Our most popular dog training program. The Board and Train Program provides the ultimate flexibility in a dog training program build on an Individualized Training Program (ITP) concept. Our knowledgeable and experienced training team develops each fluid training plan aimed at the goals of each dog and client to ensure optimum results. We even include one hour of owner training with every week your dog completes with us. This time can be used as you see fit. Our clients have used this program for obedience training, problem solving, socialization issues, and a wide range of other dog training needs.

An ITP is developed, the dog boards with us, we train every day with each dog to accomplish the desired results, and then we train you. This fluid, goal orientated dog training program provide each client remarkable results. The flexibility of this program provides the opportunity for many options based on the ITP.

Some of Our Most Popular Board and Train Requests:
– On and Off Leash Obedience     – Hand Signals          – Dog Aggression          – Stranger Aggression
– Excessive Barking                        – House Breaking     – Will not load in car    – Running Off
– Will not come when called         – General and Specific Aggression Issues    – Problem Solving

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We understand that every situation is different. Our pet dog owners have also used our One-On-One Training Program and our Personal Protection Training Program to reach their goals.