Puppy Training Program

Training puppies can be a tedious, but very rewarding task.  Especially, as you witness the transformation right before your eyes.  Great patience, repetition, and understanding the critical periods of development are where success in a puppy training program will take hold.  Custom Canine Unlimited understands this.  We have taken these principles and developed the framework of this program through it while still maintaining the Custom Canine Unlimited staple by ensuring the flexibility of our training team to customize each program for each client.

Clients will be assigned their very own certified and professional dog trainer that will work closely with them to develop a fluid training program to meet their needs within the framework of the Puppy Training Program.  Their trainer, back by our training team and network of canine specialist will move them through the program, acting as teacher, advisor, and trainer.  This one-on-one training program marries owner education with dog training to produce an outcome that a client will reap the benefits of for years to come.

The best approach to any training is being pro-active, rather than reactive.

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