Custom Canine Unlimited’s Personalized Dog Training is built to work for YOU and YOUR K9!

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With tailored training plans to meet your dog where he is at, you can choose from several training options:


Daily Drop-Off Training

One-on-One Sessions

Board and Train

During Daily Drop-Off Training, you drop your dog off in the morning and we train him during the day. Then, you pick him up before 5PM and celebrate his hard day’s work.

Trained Dog
Yellow Lab in a "Down"

If you prefer our One-on-One Sessions, you can schedule your one-hour or thirty-minute session for both you and your dog to attend. During your time, you will work directly with a trainer and no other clients.

Board and Train is a great option for some of our clients as well! After speaking with a trainer, the two of you will decide what a Board and Train plan will look like for your dog and organize from there.

German Shepherd in a Heel Position with His Handler
Alec had our Zeus for board and train for little over 1 1/2 weeks. We feel like he did a great job with Zeus. He worked with us on 2 separate personal training sessions with Zeus and explained things clearly to us and showed us exactly what we needed to do to keep Zeus on track.</p>
<p>Jennifer T.
When we first started bringing Indy, he had no leash manners and was constantly ignoring us. These guys taught us how to communicate with our dog in a way that works for both of us! We were at the end of our rope with him before CCU. Now, we can’t wait to see what else he can accomplish!</p>
<p>Cherry S.


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