Why is having a Kennel Master important?

Having a Kennel Master can make or break your kennel.

Having a Kennel Master can make or break your kennel. You’d want to leave your K9s with an educated staff, why wouldn’t your clients?

What does a Kennel Master do?

Working dogs, whether service dogs, search and rescue dogs, etc., require specialized care and attention to ensure they remain healthy and alert throughout their careers. Having a trained Kennel Master can make or break your kennel. This article will tell you why. A kennel master utilizes their training and experience to provide above-standard care, offering proper nutrition and exercise to keep the dog in top physical condition. Further, a kennel master monitors their kennel dogs’ behaviors and recognizes any irregularities with the dog(s). Having a properly trained kennel master ensures that your dogs are not only properly cared for, but also that any issues are addressed quickly and properly.

CCU’s Kennel Master: Deb

CCU’s Kennel Master course is entering its fifth year of rotation with both in-person and online course options. With the many students that we have pushed through our courses, the Kennel Master course has a special place with CCU’s own Kennel Master, Deb. With more than five years of collective experience, plus decades of experience with her own animals, it is safe to say she is one of the most qualified people for the job. 

Coming from a farm background, she had spent her entire life around animals and knew she wanted to pursue a career with animals. However, she did not know the impact she would have on CCU’s own kennels. “The kennel introduced me to a completely different world as I moved into the world of working dogs,” Deb told me as she remembered her previous experiences. Not only did CCU offer her a place to gain experience as a Kennel Technician, but the CEO himself encouraged her to further her education through CCU’s Kennel Master course. 

The working dog world was a completely different one even five years, as many scientific breakthroughs and challenging research have been presented since. As the handler of a personal protection dog, Deb had an unfortunate run-in with what may be considered many dog owners’ greatest fear: bloat. This scary incident with her K9, Yadee, led her down a path filled with research and information gathering. Deb’s own experience and the research she pursued both play a vital role in her position as CCU’s Kennel Master.

As the instructor of CCU’s Kennel Master courses, Deb utilizes the information she gathered throughout her research to ensure that students are prepared for any circumstances they may encounter during their time working in a kennel. The Kennel Master course covers topics ranging from common diseases and injuries to the proper way to sanitize and maintain a kennel. Not only does Deb dedicate herself to continued research in this area, but she is supported by an entire team within CCU that constantly pushes one another to do better and know more.

Why should I take a Kennel Master course?

Investing in CCU’s Kennel Master course is not only a wise decision, but it also creates a form of insurance within your kennel. Knowledge and training are essential elements of any successful kennel. Not only will you learn the best practices for interacting with and handling working dogs, but you will also learn how to address common health concerns and injuries. Becoming a kennel master means dedicating your time to ethical and responsible care of the animals you manage. The knowledge and skills gained from this course will not only benefit the dogs in your care but will also enhance your career prospects.

Why certify through CCU?

Custom Canine Unlimited is setting its own standards, reaching higher than your typical cleanliness and care standards. Students that have completed our Kennel Master course have stayed in contact with our instructors to share in their successes. CCU is the premier choice for anyone looking to improve their kennel care and knowledge. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in all aspects of kennel maintenance, including specific techniques such as sanitation, grooming, and animal health. 

CCU’s comprehensive Kennel Master course provides participants with a deep understanding of working dog behavior, nutrition, healthy, and safety. This course is designed to equip individuals with the skills they need to provide the highest level of care for working dogs of all sorts. If you are interested in learning more about our Kennel Master course, contact us today to schedule an appointment or register for our next class. 

Join the #CCUFamily and take the first step towards becoming a CCU-certified kennel master today and start building your career in the ever-evolving field of animal care and management. Learn more about our course offerings and take advantage of this opportunity to invest in your own knowledge and skill development! 


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