Law Enforcement Training

Police K9 Training

We provide top quality training for military and police K9 units both locally and internationally. All of our trainers are law enforcement or military K9 handlers and trainers that have ample experience with military and police dog training. Our training and experience spans over the police dog training and military working dogs realms so that you know you will get top-notch training.


We fully understand that you CANNOT effectively train police K-9 dogs, police K-9 handlers, military dogs, military dog handlers, security canines, or security K-9 handlers if you have not been one yourself. For this reason, we only employ and deploy trainers that are subject matter experts. All of our courses are developed and trained by current or former police K-9 handlers, military dog handlers, and law enforcement officers.

Our team has trained and developed programs to meet various applications, such as, police, SWAT teams, jails, prisons, hostile environments, war zones, airports and security. There is virtually no application we have not or cannot develop for you.

Core Training Values

Each of our courses are developed with a Core Value System to ensure that each dog and student is trained with the purpose of them applying what they learn in “real life. These Core Values include:

  • Teach on a developed curriculum that is thought out and developed to maximize training time and potential.
  • Include a manual of the full details on what will be trained.
  • Provide a full warranty.
  • Ensure record keeping of each course to reduce liability.
  • Fill-in-the-blank test that requires us to teach the material and the student to learn it.
  • Practical exercises that test each student in the field with the mindset of uncovering problems in training.



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