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Net Training with Greene County Police Department K9 Unit

Sheriff, Donnie Harrison, of Greene County, Georgia is no stranger to K9s. Harrison has had many years of experience working with K9s in many capacities in the US Army. 

Custom Canine Unlimited was lucky enough for the Chief of Police, Donnie Harrison, Jr. of Greene County, South Carolina, to spare some time to talk to us about how instrumental implementing a K9 Unit in their department has been. 

The public loves the dogs…We’ve had that support here for a long time [and] we’ve never had an issue where the dogs became a liability to us. K9s are good for us…They’re like a force enhancer…They do their job, but they’re also a great community outreach tool. 

Greene County, South Carolina, has had a K9 Unit for over a decade and they’ve been expertly trained to achieve great success within their department. Harrison tells us, “Training is paramount – you can’t just get a dog and not train a handler, [it] goes hand in hand; you can’t let that fall to the wayside.” Although their K9 Unit team didn’t start out with Custom Canine Unlimited, Greene County became part of the CCU family circa 2011. Greene County currently has two active K9 Teams and 4 former Handlers. When asked how CCU training impacted their K9 Unit, Harrison says the “difference in [the K9 Unit] has been night and day.” 

“If an agency is looking at liability, to me the risk versus reward – the rewards greater than the risk. The risk is zero with a K9 and an officer or deputy that’s willing to work – it becomes a liability if you don’t train and work the dog. For me, it’s a win-win-win-win having working dogs.” 

Custom Canine Unlimited is blessed enough to be able to provide the CCU Family with what we call, “Net Training”, which all CCU alum is welcome to attend. Most recently CCU was able to host Net Training at Greene County’s K9 facilities where they got to enjoy training with Greene County K9 Unit as well as members of our CCU family, which was able to go towards their basic training requirements.  

[You have to] keep up, trends change, laws changedogs can have good and bad days, [and] crooks change [too].  

As part of the CCU family, anyone that attends Custom Canine Unlimited Net Training is sure to get the most up to date information and tactics. Net Training is even host to special training opportunities, such as classes, with CEO, AJ Vargas. The most recent being “Prosecuting a K9 Case” where he covers facets of K9 cases, such as writing a report, industry standards, departmental certifications, and many more. Most recently CCU was able to host Net Training at Greene County’s K9 facilities where they got to enjoy training with Greene County K9 Unit. Net Training is hosted wherever CCU teams are located, but is strategically hosted throughout regions of the south east. 

We refer to those that have trained with Custom Canine Unlimited as part of the CCU Family often, and that’s not just something we say – it’s something we mean. Custom Canine Unlimited doesn’t just train you and let you go, we are always here for our students, whether you’re currently training, or trained five years ago.  

As a CCU Alum said to us, “I hadn’t talked to AJ in two years, and when I called him, it’s like we just saw each other yesterday.” To us, you’ll always be family. 

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