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All distant learning training must be conducted at an approved facility and verified by an approved facilitator. Written facility and facilitator approval must be obtained from Custom Canine Unlimited prior to any distant learning taking place. No distant learning training credit will be credited to any student conducted at any unapproved facility or by any unapproved facilitator.

Obtaining Facility Approval

  1. Student submit Facility Consideration Submission Form
    1. Complete Facility Approval Form
    2. Submit Facility Approval Form for review by Custom Canine Unlimited.
  2. Upon Custom Canine Unlimited review and preliminary approval of site, student will receive written approval to proceed with Site Form
    1. Complete Site Form
    2. Complete Facilitator Form
  3. Submit Completed Forms To Custom Canine Unlimited For Review.

Custom Canine Unlimited will provide written approval of site and facilitator within 24 hours of submission.

All decision will be provided to each student in writing and are final. All distant learning must be conducted at an approved facility and endorsed by an approved facilitator.

Criteria For Facility Approval

  1. Established Dog Facility with:
    1. Verifiable Physical Address
    2. Phone Number
    3. Website (some exceptions)
  2. Must provide overnight housing availability to 5 or more dogs.
  3. Must be licensed in the jurisdiction operating
  4. Must have clear public and criminal record for any dog related care
  5. Must not have been previously banned or previously denied by Custom Canine Unlimited distance learning facility approval
  6. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

Criteria For Facilitator Approval

  1. Manager or Owner of Facility with:
    1. Verifiable Home Address
    2. Verifiable Phone Numbers
    3. Verifiable Email Addresses
  1. Verifiable Industry Experience of 2 years or more
  2. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions