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German Shepherd



Date of Birth

March 5, 2021


75 lbs. (34.02 kg)



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3266 Old Cornelia Hwy Gainesville 30507

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Green Dual Purpose Belgian Malinois For Sale   

Hulk is a Green dual-purpose Male Belgian Milionis. He checks all the boxes as a solid dual-purpose K9. He has excellent social skills with other dogs and people. He is a dual-purpose dog capable of detection and aggression training. His detection training capabilities provide a tremendous green dog with a good prey drive and hunt drive. For patrol training or protection training, he has a full-mouth bite. His defense and fight drive is good, but he still needs some development in all areas, as you can expect for a green dog.

Hulk is a perfect fit for a Green handler. Some of its potentials include socialness, environmental soundness, an excellent prey drive, and a hunt drive with a high fight drive and defense drive. If you’re looking forward to getting a multi-purpose dog, we cannot hesitate to see you interact with this dog because you are going to enjoy every moment with it. Reach out to us today and get him now.

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