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German Shepherd



Date of Birth

March 5, 2021


75 lbs. (34.02 kg)



Green Dual Purpose Belgian Malinois For Sale   

Brody is a male Belgian Malinois, born June 15th, 2021, who has been imprinted on drugs, which means he will soon be able to detect and alert to them. Plus, he has also already started his training to track people and perform patrol functions. His obedience training is coming along very nicely and we’ve noticed that he has a natural aptitude for protection work; in fact, we predict that with some continued training and attention, he could become an exceptional protection or police dog! He’s already extremely socialized and would do fine around new people. Brody is dog neutral, so when left alone with other dogs, Brody can control himself very nicely and doesn’t show any aggression, and isn’t distracted by other dogs when on the job. His prey drive is high, so he’s very playful with his toys, and loves to fetch.

Brody’s grip is very deep, as he uses his whole mouth, but this still needs to be further developed in training. However, his environmentals are great – he does well in just about any environment, whether that environment is familiar to him or completely new. In terms of grooming requirements, Brody will grooming will be easier than most because of his short-hair coat. There shouldn’t be any major upkeep costs associated with owning this breed. Furthermore, Brody will need some regular exercise. We recommend that regular training with him to ensure adequate exercise, especially when he’s not working.

He is naturally motivated to fight and defend during patrol training, and would do best with a handler who is able to provide firm yet consistent guidance. He would make the perfect companion for a Green Handler. Brody is progressing well in his training and is excited about his new job to come.

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