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Kennel Master Online Course

The Kennel Master Course is a thorough 80-hour course delivered online with distance learning requirements. The course compiles information and practical exercises within modules that target the necessary knowledge and techniques of a Kennel Master. We approach this course through our research, experience, and science to deliver education that prepares students for a career as a Kennel Master. 

Kennel Master is a person that oversees the entire operation of a working dog kennel or facility. Utilizing the latest best practices, the Kennel Master must ensure the care and well-being of each dog within their control. The KM considers the behavioral needs of each dog while keeping all personnel safe and working collectively. The Kennel Master’s responsibility is extensive, requiring expansive knowledge over a wide range of working dog aspects.

This course uses an online platform to deliver course material and distance learning techniques to maximize learning, all pointed toward the development of a Kennel Master. The student will have the leisure to navigate this course self-paced to learn the knowledge and techniques directly correlating with the Kennel Master Responsibilities. 

Before purchasing this course, ensure to have the ability to meet facility and facilitator approval requirements. Facility and Facilitator distance learning requirements are a must for this course. Custom Canine Unlimited will not issue refunds for those students failing to meet these requirements after signup.


Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to CCU Online K9 Courses
Unit 2 Disclaimer
Unit 3 Course Requirements
Unit 4 Course Introduction
Module 2 Dog Familiarization
Unit 1 K9 Familiarization
Module 3 Kennel Maintenance
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Putting on a Dog Collar Properly
Unit 3 Monitor
Unit 4 Enclosure Cleaning Procedures
Unit 5 Crate Cleaning Procedures
Unit 6 Frequency of Cleaning
Unit 7 Kennel Maintenance Demo
Unit 8 Positive Control
Module 4 Grooming
Unit 1 Grooming Introduction
Unit 2 Grooming Application
Unit 3 Muzzling a Dog Instructions
Unit 4 Dog Brushing Demo
Unit 5 Nail Clipping
Unit 6 Dog Wash Demo
Module 5 First Aid
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Ailments and First Aid
Module 6 Kennel Master Equipment
Unit 1 Kennel Master Equipment - Part 1
Unit 2 Kennel Master Equipment - Part 2
Unit 3 Kennel Master Equipment - Part 3
Module 7 Administering Medications
Unit 1 Administer Medication
Module 8 Diseases and Parasitic Infections
Unit 1 Parasites and Disease
Unit 2 Import and Export
Module 9 Feeding Schedules
Unit 1 Feeding Schedules Introduction
Unit 2 K9 Nutrition
Unit 3 Feeding Procedures
Unit 4 Feeding Procedures Demo
Module 10 Opening and Closing Procedures
Unit 1 Opening & Closing Procedures
Unit 2 Placing a Collar On A Dog Inside an Enclosure
Unit 3 How to Remove a Dog's Collar
Unit 4 Schedule Test 1
Module 11 Canine Weight Management
Unit 1 Canine Weight Management Introduction
Unit 2 Determining Proper Weight
Unit 3 Implementing Weight Management Equipment
Unit 4 Weight Management Protocols
Module 12 Licensing
Unit 1 Licensing Introduction
Unit 2 Types of Kennels
Unit 3 Standards and Procedures
Module 13 Record Keeping
Unit 1 Record Keeping Introduction Part 1
Unit 2 Record Keeping Introduction Part 2
Unit 3 Intake and Out Processing Records
Unit 4 Canine Movement Records
Unit 5 Canine Medical Records
Module 14 Review
Unit 1 Week 2 Review
Module 15 Policy and Procedures
Unit 1 Introduction to Policies
Unit 2 Introduction to Procedures
Unit 3 Policies and Procedures
Unit 4 Policy Review
Module 16 Insurance
Unit 1 Turner, Wood, And Smith Insurance
Unit 2 Property, Crime, Bailees, and General Liability Insurance
Unit 3 Professional, Worker's Compensation, and Employment Insurance
Module 17 Closing
Unit 1 Schedule Final Test
Unit 2 Closing Remarks From Your Course Coordinator


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Kennel Master Course

This is a comprehensive 80 hour online Kennel Master Course.  This course is compile of modules that target the specific arena of a Kennel Master within a wide range of career paths.  We approach this course through our research, experience, and science to deliver a student a thorough approach into the field of a Kennel Master. This course uses an online platform to deliver knowledge through course material and hands on distant learning to maximize learning.



*Subject to Credit Approvals

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