Kennel Master Training

Custom Canine Unlimited offers comprehensive, hands-on kennel master courses that combine classroom study as well as practical application. This course will teach valuable skills needed to be a certified Kennel Master. If you’re looking to work in a kennel, boarding facility, dog training facility or as a contractor, this is the course for you.

Learn more about how to become a certified dog trainer here. 

Dog Training Certification


Kennel Master Course Objectives:

  • A Student will use what they are taught to have a full understanding of the basic operations of a boarding facility, training facility, and kennel.
  • A student will apply what they have been taught to open a new facility, effectively manage a facility, or locate a career in the canine field.
  • A student will acquire the tools and resources needed to further their career in the canine field productively.
  • A student will use techniques taught in this course to effectively market their canine related business.

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