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Protection Dog Training Evaluation



Contrary to what you may have been told or what another company may try to sell you, not all dogs can be trained as protection dog.  With this in mind we require a “No Obligation” Protection Dog Training Evaluation for each dog an owner may be looking into having trained as a protection dog. The best results will come with training each dog within their true capabilities.  By thoroughly evaluating each situation with the owner’s goals in mind we feel we can provide our clients the best advice for their dog’s working dog training, even if the advise is not to proceed with training.

If your dog is evaluated and capable, Custom Canine Unlimited will develop an Individualized Training Plans (ITP) for each dog this is needed to reach your working dog needs.

Breed doesn’t matter, its all about the capabilities for the task.

What Will This Include?

  • A visit to our facility with your dog (Scheduled at a convenient time for all parties after purchase)
  • At least 90 minutes (may be longer depending on the situation)
  • Training Staff will thoroughly discuss your goals
  • Your dog will be observed and tested for Protection Training.
  • Recommendations will be given based on totality of information gathered

*Required Vaccination Records must be faxed to us by your vet to schedule


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