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K9 Supervisor Online Course


K9 Supervisors and Department Administrators are liable for their K9 Teams. Lack of knowledge is not a defense to liability.  This online course will give you the knowledge needed to assist in managing a K9 Unit. This course is ideal for any personnel that aspires to become a K9 unit supervisor or needs K9 unit supervision training for a U.S. law enforcement or security company application.

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This comprehensive 16 hour online K9 Supervisor Course is compile of 7 modules that target specific areas of K9 Supervision.  We use our vast experience, training, and research to provide a student a knowledgeable, legal, best practice alternative to K9 Supervision.

If you are like most other K9 Unit Supervisor and you have no formal training.  If you are a K9 Handler that aspires to become a K9 Supervisor.  If you are a Department Administrator that has no clue what your K9 Teams do or should be doing.  If you are a K9 Supervisor already that is looking for an up-to-date course K9 Supervision.  Rest assured, this is your course.


Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to CCU Online K9 Courses
Unit 2 K9 Supervisor Course Welcome
Unit 3 K9 Supervisor Course Content
Unit 4 Course Objective
Unit 5 K9 Team Familiarization
Unit 6 K9 Supervisor Unit 1 Quiz
Module 2 Handler Legals
Unit 1 Handler Detection
Unit 2 K9 Handler Detection Case Law Part 1
Unit 3 K9 Handler Detection Case Law Part 2
Unit 4 K9 Handler Tracking Case Law
Unit 5 K9 Handler Patrol Case Law
Unit 6 K9 Supervisor Unit 2 Quiz
Module 3 K9 Training Requirements
Unit 1 Kerr v. City of West Palm Beach
Unit 2 K9 Training Requirements
Unit 3 K9 Supervisor Unit 3 Quiz
Module 4 Equipment Maintenance
Unit 1 Equipment
Unit 2 K9 Supervisor Unit 4 Quiz
Module 5 Supervisor Liability
Unit 1 Supervisor Liability Introduction
Unit 2 Legal Doctrines
Unit 3 Liability Areas Summary
Unit 4 Liability Areas
Unit 5 K9 Liability
Unit 6 K9 Liability Answered
Unit 7 Sample K9 Policies
Unit 8 K9 Supervisor Unit 5 Quiz
Module 6 Handler Compensation
Unit 1 Handler Compensation Introduction
Unit 2 Handler Compensation Basics
Unit 3 At-Home Care Case Law
Unit 4 AT-Home Care DOL Letters
Unit 5 Travel Time Case Law
Unit 6 Handler Compensation Solutions
Unit 7 K9 Supervisor Unit 6 Quiz
Module 7 Handler Selection
Unit 1 Handler Selection
Unit 2 Sample Interview Questions
Unit 3 Supervisor Resources
Unit 4 K9 Supervisor Unit 7 Quiz
Unit 5 K9 Supervisor Course Evaluation