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By enrolling as a user, purchasing products/service, and/or enrolling in courses with Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC you are agreeing to all Terms & Conditions, as outlined below.  If you do not wish to agree to any of the terms and conditions do not user, purchasing products/service, and/or enrolling in courses with Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC.


I understand that the attendance of dog training or handler’s training is not without risk of injury to me/employees and or our dog(s). This is due to the nature of the type of training/dogs that I have elected to participate in or be

exposed to. I further understand that the training and utilization of such dogs may expose me /employees to naturally occurring and/or situational hazards within the realm of training and/or utilization of such dogs. I further understand that such dogs may be difficult to control and may be the cause of injury even when handled with the greatest amount of care. I hereby waive my rights and release Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC and its employees and/or agents from any and all liability of any nature for any injury or damage that may occur from/during said training, my presence during said training, use or lack of use of such dogs.

I further accept sole responsibility for the actions of said dogs, myself/employees both during and after completing training and/or handler’s education. It is my responsibility as well as that of my employees to ensure that said dog(s), bought from or trained by Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC are used within a proper and ethical manner. I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC, its employees, officers, and/or agents from any and ALL claims and/or liabilities.

I have further been advised that the dog(s) purchased will require a minimum of 4 hours of continual and rigorous proficiency training per each area of training each week. The use of Pseudo training odors in the proficiency of the above dog(s) is strictly prohibited. I also understand that any and all medications, namely heartworm preventive must be administered as prescribed by a licensed vet, within 7 days of purchaser taking custody of the above dog(s). I also understand that attendance and completion of handler’s training/education does NOT guarantee that the canine team will pass or receive certification. IF such certification is granted from Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC it is valid for a period of one (1) year. The owner(s) of Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC reserves the right to revoke the certification at anytime. If the required proficiency training is not maintained the certification granted and ALL guarantees will be revoked and invalidated. Additionally, if the dog(s)’s training or behavior is modified or changed in any form or fashion any and all guarantees, expressed or implied will be null and void. Maintaining the certification and all guarantees are dependent upon a copy of the dog(s)’s monthly training records being mailed to Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC, for review by the 15th of each proceeding month. It is understood that it is the sole responsibility of me and that of my department or representative to ensure that the dog(s)’s training is maintained.

In addition, I understand that it is necessary for the dog to be allowed a reasonable and prudent adjustment period before being placed on the street and expected to work and perform at full capacity. I further understand and agree that if a problem or concern does occur I/we are to contact Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC in writing within ten (10) days.

I also affirm that I am authorized to sign legally binding contracts for myself and my/or department or representative, and in doing so I assume the responsibility and agree to the conditions of this contract for myself, my department, representative, its employees and their families and that my name and or picture(s) maybe used for reference.

Once you elect to book boarding space with Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC you may cancel your booking for a full refund 3 days prior to booking date. 


I understand and agree that Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC shall not be liable for any injury or damage to any person, animal, or property which results from my behavior or any canine’s behavior or the behavior of any person or animals attending any course with Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC. I also understand and agree that Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC and/or its employees shall not be liable for any cost, expense, injury, or damage to me, my canine, or property resulting from my participation in any course.

I understand that in order for any canine to participate in any training that they must be current on his/her vaccinations. I understand that it is still possible for vaccinated canines to become ill with an infectious condition despite being vaccinated. Additionally, I understand that this is not due to any circumstance or condition in the Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC property and agree that I will not hold Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC or its employees liable in the event my canine becomes ill with an infectious condition during or after a course.

TERMS OF PERSONNEL TRAINING: Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC agrees to provide training based on the prescribed curriculum. I am aware that payment does not guarantee personnel completion or passing results. It is my sole responsibility to complete and pass each specific training course based on each course(s) set requirements. Custom Canine Unlimited may follow prescribed disciplinary avenues, as stated in the issued catalog for the following reason, but are not limited to these reason,

a. Continued training of problematic personnel or personnel unable to complete standards of each training course, at the sole discretion of Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC.

b. Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC reserve the right to expel personnel attending training based on specific conditions resulting from specific training personnel conditions, such as

i. Medical Condition

ii. Unwillingness to Complete Course

iii. Overt Safety Concerns

iv. Unresolvable or Unavoidable Personal Issues

c. Training Personnel being expelled from training course does not void my financial responsibility to Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC. Custom Canine Unlimited will refund monies as prescribed in Custom Canine Unlimited Catalog.

LODGING: No lodging is included in tuition.

EQUIPMENT/SUPPLIES: No equipment or supplies are included in tuition.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: I fully understands that canine(s) is a Live Animal that must continue training in order to maintain a high level of proficiency. I fully understands that canine(s) is fully capable of making its own decisions, having and developing its own thoughts, has the ability to learn new behaviors and reactions that may be based on environment, situation, training, and instinct, which Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC takes no responsibility for.

INDEMNIFICATION: For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, I hereby expressly agree to indemnify and hold harmless Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC, its successors, or assigns against all suits, actions, claims, demands, or damages, to the extent permitted by law, that arise from the following:

d. Any injuries arising during any and all training, exercises, or event associated with Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC.

e. Any Canine and/or Handler Actions

f. The Canine’s and/or Handler’s Training

g. Use of any Canine

h. My Actions

i. My Training

j. My Use of the canine(s) or any lack thereof any on this list.

GOVERNING LAW: This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia.

CUMULATIVE RIGHTS: All rights under this agreement are cumulative, and shall not be construed as exclusive of each other unless otherwise required by law.

WAIVER: The failure of either party to enforce any provisions of this agreement shall not be deemed a waiver or limitation of that party’s right to subsequently enforce and compel strict compliance with every provision of this agreement.


Canine guardian represents that he/she is the legal owner or represents the guardian of the canine and that the canine has received its required vaccinations including rabies vaccine and kennel cough, if applicable. In the unlikely event the animal becomes ill, at the sole discretion of Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC (“CCU”), dog guardian grants CCU permission to have the animal examined and treated by veterinarian(s) and/or licensed veterinary technician(s) the cost of which will be the obligation of the dog guardian.

  1. This agreement is in effect until either party gives 48 hr. notice, in writing to the other party of intent to terminate this agreement.
  2. The boarding is to be prepaid at the beginning of each session beginning with the date of surrender to the projected date of removal.
  3. No other services other than watering and boarding are implied or included in this rate, unless noted.
  4. Only “CCU” staff will handle, feed, water, contact, and/or medicate boarded canine(s).
  5. Canine guardian, at drop off time will provide food, unless noted below. Additional charges apply if “CCU” provides food.
  6. Feeding will be conduct according to schedule and amounts listed noted below.
  7. Any medication(s) will be provided by canine guardian and will only be administered as noted on prescription.
  8. If the canine(s) boarded is/are not picked up on end date by 6:00 pm, guardian is personally responsible for rate listed above at time of pickup and prior to release of dog(s) boarded.
  9. If the canine(s) boarded is/are not picked up on end date listed above by 6:00 pm, “CCU” reserves the right to board the canine(s) at another reputable boarding facility comparable with “CCU” at the discretion of “CCU” at the current reasonable rate of the other boarding kennel plus a $50.00 service charge to be paid to “CCU”.
  10. If the canine(s) boarded is/are not picked up after 10(ten) days of pick up date listed above with no paymentthe canine(s) will be considered abandoned and a $50.00 service fee will be added to the day boarding rate along any other necessary expenses. “CCU” reserves the right to sell the canine(s) to recoup any unpaid balance owed or relinquish the boarded canine(s) to Hall County Humane Society. All unpaid expenses will be the responsibility of canine(s) guardian.
  11. Canine guardian certifies by signature of acknowledgement of “CCU” being an outdoor boarding facility and that said canine is properly acclimated to outdoor conditions.
  12. Any other specifications will be listed below.



If your canine while under the supervision of Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC, it is company policy to secure your consent for medication distribution, for the use of medical devices, and/or to seek medical treatment. The medication or medical device can be self-administered or be administered by the Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC employees.

All medications must be in a medicine bottle and labeled with the canine’s name, veterinary doctor’s name and phone number, medication name, and dosage.

  • If your canine is not under your supervision and control while at Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC it is our policy to secure your consent for medical treatment.
  • By acknowledgement of our terms and conditions you are giving your consent in advance for medical treatment at an appropriate veterinary facility in case of illness or injury.
  • By acknowledgement of our terms and conditions you are stating that you are aware of and accept the risk inherent in the program.
  • By acknowledgement of our terms and conditions you certify that your canine is in good health, free of any known ailments, and is not currently under veterinary care for ailments that would prevent the canine’s participation in the program for which the canine is currently enrolling in at Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC.
  • By acknowledgement of our terms and conditions you are certifying that you have provided Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC with current vaccination records.
  • By acknowledgement of our terms and conditions you agree to hold harmless and indemnify Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC their employees and agents, from any and all liability, loss, damages, and/or expenses which are sustained, and/or required arising out of the actions of your canine in the course of the program.