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National K9 Certification

National K9 Certification

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CCU National Certification

Improve your deployment capabilities with CCU Certification

CCU National K9 Certification is a set of K9 standards established by us to test the reliability of a Police K9 team, Security Working Dog Team, and other K9 Teams that must maintain an established standard of control and reliability. The certification sets a minimum standard that complements deployment standards. Don’t spend weeks preparing for accreditation. Certify under proven standards that coexist with your day-to-day function. Keep your team qualified with CCU’s National K9 Certification.

If you or your department are wanting the reassurance of CCU’s K9 certification, reach out today. Our nationally recognized trainers will teach you everything you need to know to make sure you certify. Covering case law related to K9s and industry standards for those in the field is a way to protect your team.

Build The Reliability of Your K9 Team

Based on Police K9 case law, industry standards, and the extensive experience of Police K9 professionals that consult on behalf of the reliability of the certification bylaws.

Each K9 Team (dog and handler) is evaluated based on the active CCU National K9 Certification Bylaws at the time of testing and on a pass/fail basis.

Certifications Offered In These Areas


Drug Detection

Explosives Detection

Firearms Detection

Electronic Storage Device Detection


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Our Certifications Are Accredited

Georgia Peace Officer Standards & Training (P.O.S.T.)

South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy (S.C.C.J.A.)

Illinois Peace Officer Standards & Training (P.O.S.T.)

    CCU National K9 Certification Objectives

    Provide a Realistic assessment of a K9 Team’s reliability

    Compliment deployment standards rather than contradict them.

    Meet case law and industry standards

    Provide a network of like-minded K9 Handlers & Trainers

    Our Certifications Offer

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    Subject Matter Expert

    Certification Certificate

    National Certification

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    Benefits Of The CCU National K9 Certification

    Since 2011 CCU National K9 Certification has proven reliability for over 450 K9 teams worldwide. For over a decade, K9 groups working under this K9 cert challenged in Federal, State, and Local courts across the United States have resulted in zero cases lost due to these certification standards. Furthermore, civil proceedings have used these standards to protect the agency and canine. Reducing liability is a concern for all agencies, and this K9 certification is one vital way to help accomplish that.

    Finally, a K9 Certification that builds reliability.

    Core Training Values

    Each course is developed with a Core Value System to ensure that each dog and student is trained to apply what they learn at our facility in “real life”. These Core Values include:

    • Teaching a developed curriculum that is designed to maximize training time
    • Include a manual with the full details on training material
    • Provide a full warranty
    • Ensure record keeping of each course to reduce liability
    • The fill-in-the-blank test requires the student to learn the material
    • Practical exercises test each student in the field by uncovering problems in training

    Reliability Program

    Our Reliability Program has been developed over our many years of training K9 Teams. This Program attacks these issues in three ways:

    • Dog Selection: Selecting the proper dog for the task at hand is essential. The dog’s drive, characteristics, and health are vital elements of the process.
    • Dog Training: Based on science and experience, we set each dog up for success, and test each dog to uncover issues.
    • Handler Training: Knowledge must flow down the leash, not up it. Each handler is taught and tested in the skills required to succeed in the field.

    Custom Canine Unlimited Recommends

    Each K9 Team working in a law enforcement capacity maintains an average of 4 hours of training per week and is certified yearly.

    The Police K9 certification has existed for over 50 years, with standards ranging in each established organization. But one thing is clear. Police dogs today should train continuously and be certified yearly. A K9 team that fails to empower and train will always raise questions about why the K9 Team would operate outside of industry standards. Suppose your K9 Team has not been certified within the last year, or you’re looking for a certification that will challenge your teams to train in a more realistic capacity, support your reliability, and provide resources for like-minded K9 handlers. In that case, the CCU National K9 Certification is what you need to implement into your K9 program.


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    Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT THIS COURSE

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      Is student lodging available?

      Yes. Student lodging is available.

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      I was checking my POST Training and noticed none of my K9 training or certs are on my records. Is that something I need to send in?

      All certificates contain your hours of training.  Please submit a copy of those to your training officer, and your training officer will present those to POST for you.

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      Can I get P.O.S.T. credit for this course?
      It depends on the specific state; however, in most cases, this course does quality for P.O.S.T. credit. A P.O.S.T IT instructor teaches this course and does quality for law enforcement credit in Georgia, South Carolina, and Illinois. Just because your state is not listed, in most cases, we can assist you in obtaining Law Enforcement credit for this course.  Please Contact Us to discuss your specific state.

    Law Enforcement Courses

    K9 Handler with German Shepherd walking at heel
    CCU National K9 Certification

    CCU National K9 Certification is a set of minimum K9 standards established to test the reliability of a Police K9 team, Security Working Dog Team, or other K9 Team that must maintain an established standard of control and reliability. This police k9 national certification sets a minimum standard that complements deployment standards rather than contradicts them. Don’t spend weeks preparing for accreditation; instead, certify under proven standards that coexist with your day-to-day function.

    Drug dog handler and dutch shepherd sniff white car
    Drug Dog & Handler Training

    Custom Canine Unlimited trains high drive single-purpose dogs for reliable drug detection. We have prepared some of the world’s most reliable drug dogs and handlers. A readily available selection of reliable, trained drug dogs for sale is always kept at our facility.   We ensure all of our drug dogs are trained to the highest standards using our “Reliability Program,” and our drug dog handler training prepares each handler for the “Real-World.”

    black belgian malinois sniff the front of a suv
    Explosives Dog & Handler Training

    Custom Canine Unlimited explosives detection dogs are high-drive, single-purpose dogs trained for explosives detection. We train some of the world’s most reliable explosives dogs (EDD) and explosives dog handlers. We maintain a great selection of reliably trained bomb dogs for sale at all times. All of our EDD dogs are trained to the highest standards using our “Reliability Program” and our explosives dog handler training prepare each handler for the “real-world.”

    Female k9 handler tracking with lab
    Tracking Dog & Handler Training

    Custom Canine Unlimited utilizes the most comprehensive and reliable police k9 tracking training methods in training our tracking dogs. Our dogs are trained to use all aspects of a scent picture to locate the missing person or suspect quickly. We enhance K-9 Handler safety and increase reliability within the training program of each dog.

    Drug & Tracking black lab with handler in grass field
    Drug & Tracking Dog & Handler Training

    Custom Canine Unlimited utilizes the most comprehensive and reliable police k9 training methods in training our drug & tracking dogs and handlers. You have the option to purchase a package (dog and handler), a handler course for a new handler that you are pairing with an already trained dog, or for us to train your dog and provide a handler course.  Our drug and tracking dogs and handlers are trained in obedience, drug detection, and tracking.  Article searches are also added to this team.

    handler standing with belgian malinois
    Patrol Dog & Handler Training

    Custom Canine Unlimited utilizes the most comprehensive and reliable training methods in training our patrol dogs, with the heaviest focus on control. Case law is clear that a patrol dog must be under control, and our dogs are trained to incorporate the highest case law and industry standards to ensure “road ready” dogs. We believe pushing a dog in training will minimize failures in deployment and reduce liability for our departments.

    police k9 trainer course with belgian malinois sitting in front of handler
    Police K9 Trainer Course

    Police departments across the country need qualified Police K9 trainers. The Police K9 Trainer Course is an intensive six-week program that provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to train single purpose and dual purpose police dogs. 

    Belgian Malinois biting decoy
    Police Decoy Course

    This Police Decoy Training Course is designed for law enforcement officers and military personnel that use K9 units for detecting and apprehending in the field. While decoys are an often overlooked position in a K9 training team, it is a position that is not fit for the faint of heart. Contact our experienced trainers at Custom Canine Unlimited today to learn more about our intense and vigorous decoy training!

    Kennel Master Course
    Kennel Master Course

    This course and certification are not for the faint of heart as it pushes you to take your canine field career to the next level and opens the doors to several opportunities. This intense training is designed for veterans, law enforcement, and civilians looking to expand their careers in a kennel, boarding facility, or dog training facility.

    k9 handler patting down decoy with dog watching
    Criminal Apprehension for Street Officers

    Designed to give law enforcement officers the skills necessary to help identify and apprehend individuals involved in criminal activities by providing officers with the knowledge of what to look for on a traffic stop or other citizen encounters. This course, taught by an expert in the field, will help officers spot criminal activity in both passenger and commercial vehicles.

    Advance Series K9 Training
    Advance Series Training

    Custom Canine Unlimited Advanced Series K9 Training is the latest development of K9 Team training courses.

    These courses target developing the most deployment-ready K9 teams possible. Courses delivered within this series of K9 training target trained and certified K9 Team advancement.


    Real TRAINING.
      Real WORLD.

    Dog Boarding

    The perfect boarding solution for your agency K9 or personal working dog.  Our trained and certified kennel staff will care for your dog while you are on your much needed vacation.

    Working Dogs For Sale

    Tested and Selection working dogs for the task. Are selection process has yielded us a less that 1% error rate. See our inventory of single and dual purpose canines. Select your next working dog today.

    K9 Training

    Our most sought after service we offer. Our K9 Training are built on proven curriculums delivered by subject matter experts. 

    Course Schedule

    The course schedule is posted so you can plan. Register today for one of our upcoming courses before they fill up.

    K9 Resource Membership

    Our latest commitment to our industry. Provide the best Online K9 Resource available today. New resources posted weekly.

    The Best Online K9 Resource

    The availability of working dog resources is scarce. Couple that with GREAT and ONLINE the availability is a rarity. CCU DRIVE is the industry unicorn, and Custom Canine Unlimited has leaped to answer the industry’s calling. We are providing our members with K9 resources in the palm of your hand. We have pulled back the curtain, expanded our reach, and delivered a resource you can have anywhere you have an internet connection and device. Our videos, audio recordings, articles, and Comunity Forum provide our members full access to K9 Training Videos, Working Dog Articles, K9 Business advice, and Q&A. We keep our members fed with weekly content of various perspectives that help K9 handlers, K9 trainers, and Working Dog Business owners worldwide succeed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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      Is student lodging available?

      Yes. Student lodging is available.

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      Is student lodging included in tuition?
      No. Unfortunately, lodging costs are not included in tuition.

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      Is there financing available?

      Yes. Custom Canine Unlimited has partnered with some third-party finance companies that can finance this course. Contact Us now to get the latest financing options we have available.


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      My dog is missing. Can you track it?

      Unfortunately, our tracking dogs only track humans.  We cannot come to help you find your missing dog.  Sorry. We do hope your find your friend.