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Many U.S. Veterans cannot attend school due to financial hardships.  Your minimal contribution will help those veterans.

Custom Canine Unlimited, LLC is home to one of the only schools in the United States that offers Law Enforcement, Overseas Contractor, Security, and Civilian Dog training certification courses for U.S. Veterans.  Since 2011 Custom Canine Unlimited has been providing K9 Training to veterans from around the county right in your community.  These veterans have been living your community and supporting the local economy.

Through the years we have seen the financial hardships that our veterans face while in school; lodging, meals, and general living expenses.  These veterans have found a way to make it while being, but Custom Canine Unlimited felt like the program could give a little back to help.  Hence, the Veterans Program Sponsorship opportunity for individuals and businesses like yours.


The program concept is simple.  Agree to provide your niche to each veteran that is enrolled in our programs for one year and we will agree to advertise you or your business on our site, during our courses, and on our social media accounts. 100% of your contributions goes to a veteran.

  Agree to provide 1 meal voucher to each veteran attending each course we host.

  Premium lodging rates for each veteran attending each course we host.

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