Cadaver dogs or Human Remains Detection (HRD) K9s trained to detect human remains, are unsung heroes in solving cases that involve missing persons, homicides, and natural disasters. These highly specialized dogs can sniff out scent from human tissues, corpses, and remains that are even decades old. They can also locate drowned victims in water, buried bodies, or scattered remains over a vast search area. Despite being the most reliable tool in forensic investigations, cadaver dogs are still underutilized in many investigation units due to a lack of knowledge and resources. As a leading training facility for cadaver dogs, CCU has helped hundreds of K9 units and agencies to enhance their search and rescue capabilities using these highly specialized and trained dogs.

The Science Behind Training Cadaver Dogs

Training a cadaver dog is different from training any other search and rescue K9s. It requires precision, patience, and an understanding of the dog’s innate sense of smell. CCU goes through several steps to train cadaver dogs, including imprinting dogs with human remains, establishing the correct behavioral response, and executing proper search procedures. CCU also uses real human tissue samples, human teeth, hair and bone fragments to mimic the complexities of real-life search and rescue scenarios.

The Importance and Value of Cadaver Dogs

Cadaver dogs play a crucial role in forensics and search and rescue missions. According to research, a well-trained cadaver dog can cover search areas ten times larger than a human search team can within the same timeframe. Human Remains Detection K9s are particularly useful in situations where bodies are deep underground, underwater, or within a vast stretch of land. By utilizing CCU’s training, handlers can learn to use these K9s to improve their search and rescue efforts, increase accuracy, and reduce human error.

Custom Canine Unlimited’s Training Program

CCU offers training courses for cadaver dogs at various levels. Our courses cover the basics of imprinting, behavioral training, search procedures, and scent detection. We also provide courses for handlers who want to improve their handling skills, search techniques, and scenario-based training. What sets CCU apart from other K9 training facilities is our commitment to personalized training that adapts to each K9 team’s needs.

Why Cadaver Dog Training Matters

Training cadaver dogs is not just about solving cases or finding missing persons. It’s about giving families closure, honoring the memory of the deceased, and providing the best possible service to communities. K9 handlers who train with CCU learn to appreciate the impact that these K9s can have in all of these areas. By investing in cadaver dog training, K9 handlers can make a difference in their communities and contribute to saving lives.


The Custom Canine Unlimited team is not only a highly reputable K9 training facility that offers exceptional training programs but also offers comprehensive training that is tailored to each team’s needs. Our training courses have helped hundreds of K9 units and agencies across the country improve their search and rescue efforts with HRD K9s. By investing in the training provided by CCU, K9 handlers improve their search and rescue efforts, increase accuracy, and reduce human error.

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