K9 Teams For Hire

A global source for trained and certified K9 Teams for Hire. Hire a professional, highly trained, and certified K9 Team to help protect your school of unwanted drugs, rid your facility of contraband, and protect your venue or next event.  Our K9 Teams provide a proven deterrent, a minimally intrusive detection capability, and an economical force multiplier. Add an effective layer of security with trained and certified K9 Teams that meet or exceed all national and international standards.

Custom Canine Unlimited, the company known for training law enforcement and security dog teams to an unwavering high standard is now setting the bar in deploying some of the world’s most reliable K9 Teams to all parts of the world.

We deploy certified K9 Team solutions to meet your specific needs

Drug Detection Dog Teams
Explosives Detection Dog Teams
Contraband Detection Dog Teams
Tracking Dog Teams
Search & Rescue (SAR) Dog Teams
Patrol Dog Teams
Guard Dog Teams

Whether your solution is domestic or international, Custom Canine Unlimited specialists can help provide for your K9 Team Solution.

Custom Canine Unlimited K9 Teams are available for drug detection, explosives detection, contraband detection, human tracking, Search & Rescue (SAR), and Patrol within the following avenues:

  • Private Homes or Vehicles
  • Child Room
  • Cruise Lines
  • Educational Facilities
  • Oil and Gas Facilities
  • CEO or Board Venues
  • Shipping Facilities
  • Air and Transportation
  • Hotel and Hospitality Locations
  • Sports Venues
  • Event Venues
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Hostile and High Threat Regions
  • Other Custom Solutions Available


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