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Nicotine Detection for High Schools

Nicotine Detection for High Schools

Keep Your Students Safe.


Have concerns about vapes and nicotine entering your High School? Custom Canine Unlimited’s Nicotine Detection K9 Teams for Hire are your ideal solution.


Professionalism and Discretion at the Forefront

At the heart of our service is the understanding that administrative policy enforcement must be conducted with the utmost professionalism and respect. Our K9 handlers are not just experts in canine behavior and training; they also possess a deep appreciation for the sensitive nature of school settings. Expect our teams to blend seamlessly into the daily campus rhythm, ensuring that inspections are conducted quietly and confidentially, even during busy school hours.

Detailed Reporting Sets the Standard

Upon completion of a sweep, our K9 teams provide comprehensive, detailed reports that include the locations of positive alerts and the types of substances detected. This transparent and informative document helps administrators take swift, informed action and further fortify campus regulations.

Nictotine Detection for High Schools

Our dedicated K9 teams have a proven track record of assisting high schools in maintaining a healthy, respectful environment free from the risks associated with tobacco use. Ready to ensure your school is rid of hidden health hazards? Contact us today to set up a consultation and learn more about how CCU’s Nicotine Detection K9 Teams can be a seamless addition to your existing health and security measures.

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Client Testimonials

CCU is providing everything needed to succeed out in the field. It’s been great. Learned a more than I had originally anticipated. Prepare to work. And you only get what you put into it.

Andres TorresChavez

Owner, Seattle Detection K9

This course was my first and best experience in K9 Kennel training. Hands on training and clear understanding, and I will never forget my leash again. Good job guys!

Kayleigh Wessels

K9 Unit, Dubai Police Department

The experience was a good learning experience and essential for my dog team to have a productive human location search. It is a more effective way to find people and more reliable. I had a great experience and learned much from it.

Cole Denison

K9 Handler, US Army