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Custom Canine Unlimited is a global canine provider and dog training facility owned and operated by Law Enforcement since 2003. We offer working dogs for sale along with extensive dog training programs that have been proven effective and reliable over the years. Our training programs are specifically developed for Law Enforcement, Military,  Security, US Veterans, and those civilians that need protection dogs or working dogs. Additionally, we also provide work dog boarding and a full line of K-9 equipment.

About UsAt Custom Canine Unlimited, we are striving to offer value in terms of quality. We results driven with a an aim to provide the best trained dogs, handlers, trainers, and k9 support personnel through our various programs. This is why each and every program we offer is built on a proven curriculum. Training is conducted by professional dog trainers with years of experience working with and training dogs within their fields of expertise. Regardless of which service you choose with us, rest assured your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Our Core Values


Integrity – We do what’s in our hearts: Everything we do, we do it wholeheartedly. We are honest and transparent in our services.    




Professionalism – We stand out in a crowd: We believe professionalism is important for providing the best solutions. Our professionalism is such that it sets us apart from the others.



Teamwork – We share one vision: As a team, we work towards a single vision so teamwork is a core value that defines us.  




Experience – We invest our experience for your benefit: For over 13 years, we have remained among the best professionals in the dog training industry and now we use our experience to offer superior service.  




Family – We are like coming home: Our way of working is as pleasant and comfortable for you it feels just like we’re family!