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AJ Vargas

Chief Executive Officer
VA Certifying Official

AJ Vargas manages the daily operations of Custom Canine Unlimited where he has built the profitable company on the reputation of honesty and total commitment to its clients.

AJ started his career in Law Enforcement in 1997 where he spent years gathering experience and training. Working in assignments such as supervisor, special operations, patrol, K-9 Handler, and K-9 Departmental Trainer. He has now been training dogs for over 20 years. In this time he has trained hundreds of dogs and thousands of handlers. AJ has received over 2500 hours of specialized documented training with countless hours of experience. which he has injected into his core business model. His dedication to the core values; Integrity, Professional, Team, and Family, has proven to ensure Custom Canine Unlimited always remains consistent in its operations.

AJ Vargas has completed Cross Creek Training Academy, Inc. Handler and Master Trainer Courses, Royal Dutch Police Tracking Course, Terry FLeck Legal Update Courses, and Georgia Post Instructor Course, just to name a few. He has appeared as an invited instructor to police K-9 seminars hosted by several departments, such as, Knoxville Police Department, North Charleston Police Department, Habersham County Sheriff’s Department, and Richland County Sheriff’s Office. He now spends most of his time playing a vital role in current training business operations, upcoming training events, and future training programs.




Nadine Vargas

Chief Financial Officer

Nadine Vargas, Chief Financial Officer of Custom Canine Unlimited spent nine years gathering experience in office operation and management prior to taking on her current position with CCU. She uses this experience as the key to unlocking our business success.

She played a vital role in the start of Custom Canine Unlimited and now plays the vital role in the smooth day-to-day financials operations. She ensures all affairs are maintained, scheduling is in order, and all Custom Canine Unlimited purchases are cost effective and with reputable vendors.

She ensures that the vision of the business is always heading in the right direction.





Jessica Argo

Kennel Master (Designee)

Jessica Argo, the staple of the Kennel Division. Her knowledge and experience keeps Custom Canine Unlimited dogs, client dogs, and Kennel Operations at the highest levels of efficiently, sanitation, and health.

Jessica joined the Custom Canine Unlimited team in 2016, brining with he a strong work ethic, dedication to customer service, and a character that stands out in everything she does. She was rooted in the retail industry for over a decade where her customer interaction skills and product knowledge was refined.

Since joining Custom Canine Unlimited as a part-time Kennel Assistance, Jessica has worked to obtain Full-Time status and push toward moving through her Kennel Technician Certification. She continues to build her experience in canine care, canine health, and Kennel Operations. We see great advancement in her future with Custom Canine Unlimited.






Samuel “Buck” Allen


Samuel “Buck” Allen, as the Head Trainer for Custom Canine Unlimited brings vast knowledge that spans the boundaries of higher education, law enforcement, and foreign and domestic K-9 work. His education and experience assists CCU in being a driving force in providing the highest standards of core trainers the K-9 industry has to offer.

Samuel Allen received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science with a pre-law concentration in August 2006 from North Georgia College and State University where he served as a member of the Corps of Cadets and the precision rifle team. These two positions offered Allen a secondary education in leadership as a senior rifle team instructor, assistant squad leader, and squad leader.

Allen used his education to begin a career in law enforcement in 2008 where he was certified by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (GAPOST) as a Police Officer. His excellence and escalatory nature quickly provided Allen with experience the patrol division, entry/search team, traffic enforcement, incident reporting, and K-9 Unit, where he served as a K-9 Assistant and decoy. During this time Allen used his free time to attend specialized training as a K-9 Handler, K-9 Trainer, and obtained his State of Georgia Intermediate Police Officer Certification. It was his K-9 training in the area of obedience, detection, tracking, protection, and aggression; K-9 certification and K-9 experiences that spearheaded his career among the elite.

Samuel Allen obtained his explosives and patrol dog certifications and he undertook three K-9 deployments in the Middle East. With deployments in Forward Operating Base Prosperity, Baghdad, Iraq; Forward Operating Base Blackhorse, Phoenix, Alamo in Kabul, Afghanistan; and Camp Balad, in Balad, Iraq, Allen gained additional K-9 experience and operational knowledge in the areas of canine searches at entry control points, random anti-terrorism measures, “show of force” missions, both interior and exterior explosive searches, and canine decoy while displaying the ability to not only work in a foreign hostile environment, but also display the ability to work with other U.S. contractors and military personnel, various NATO country military units, African and European contractors, Iraqi and Afghan nationals, and the Iraqi and Afghan military. This vast array of diversity, working knowledge, and K-9 experience has placed him in an optimum position to take on his next K-9 assignment with CCU.






Adam Crenshaw


Adam Crenshaw, co-founder of Custom Canine Unlimited has been training dogs since 2008 and be decoying in 2006. Adam has had the privilege to decoy for countless dogs varying in breed and temperament.

He obtained his decoy certification in 2008 by way of Royal Dutch Police Trainers and a KNPV certified decoy. He feels there is no dog that he can’t fix as a decoy!

Adam Crenshaw has nearly 5 years of gathering experience in law enforcement. He has worked in assignments such as patrol, crime scene technician, K-9 assistant, and decoy. He has over 860 documented specialized training hours, and is continually furthering his education in canine training, decoy techniques, and kennel operations. He specializes in canine behavior, maintenance, health, and nutrition.



Dakota Harris

Kennel Technician


Jesus Vargas

Veteran Care Coordinator


Patrick Paquette

SME – Criminal Interdiction

Patrick Paquette is a Criminal Interdiction trainer, teaching through his experience. He began his law enforcement career in 2005 after graduating from Fulton County Public Safety Training Center.

Since then Paquette has gained experience through his assignments as a Patrol Officer/Deputy, Investigator, K-9, and as a Criminal Interdiction Team Member. He still practices what he teaches as a member of the Greene County Sheriff Office I.C.E (Interstate Criminal Enforcement) Team. His work in rural jurisdictions and on major interstates through his career lends a unique perspective and insight for his students of the ever-changing criminal element and legal prosecution. Patrick Paquette Criminal Interdiction work has landed him with national awards and recognition, and many accolades from his departments and peers. The modest Paquette has used his proven techniques to contributed to the seizure of millions of dollars, thousands of pounds of illicit drugs, and thousands of arrest of criminals. To his knowledge Patrick still holds the record for the largest cocaine seizure on I-20, east of Atlanta. He is most proud of his recovery of a child that was a victim of human trafficking in 2013. Patrick has over 2,000 hours of accredited training hours in the field of narcotics enforcement and criminal interdiction. Not only does he loves fight crime on the street, but he also loves to fighting crime by passing his knowledge on to other officers. He has trained many officers across the nation in Criminal Interdiction.