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Deployment Ready K9 Training


Are you looking to advance your K9 training, but don't know where to turn?

Custom Canine Unlimited Advanced Series K9 Training is the latest development of K9 Team training courses.

These courses target developing the most deployment-ready K9 teams possible. Courses delivered within this series of K9 training target trained and certified K9 Team advancement.

Here Is Where You Turn For Advanced K9 Training

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"A lot of knowledge and experience with every instructors. Great place to come and get K-9 training. The faculty is top notch and clean and well laid out"

~B. Voss

Custom Canine Unlimited has amassed a team of Subject Matter Experts (SME)

to specifically develop and deliver the K9 industry's most elite, challenging, and hyper-focus advanced K9 training collectively brought to market. Each SME has been hand-selected for their specific expertise. Nothing can surpass being trained by experts that have walked in your shoes and perfected their craft. Our subject matter experts provide the best training, giving each student an invaluable resource.

Benefits Of The Advanced Series K9 Training

Custom Canine Unlimited often sees teams fail in deployment, not because they do not possess the capabilities to succeed, but because they are the same team that left their basic handler course months or even years earlier. These k9 handlers take a "maintenance" training approach rather than a "progressive" training approach. Although both practices are not bad in themselves, the latter would best prepare the team. Progressive K9 training means the K9 Team aim at advancing rather than just maintaining their capabilities. However, where are these teams turning for help in Advanced K9 Training? Custom Canine Unlimited, Advanced K9 Training, answers that question by providing K9 teams the resources to progress their K9 training.

Advanced Series K9 Training Sample Certificate
  • Progressive Training rather than Maintenance Training.
  • Helps prepare K9 Teams for "Real-World" deployments.
  • Builds upon skills acquired during basic handler training.
  • Builds reliability.
  • Decrease unsuccessful K9 deployments.
  • Increases safety of the K9 Team.

Advanced Series K9 Training - TrackingOur Advanced Series Courses

There are many elements to a K9 team's success; Knowledge, Training, Mindset, and Decisions. Custom Canine Unlimited Advanced Series K9 Training course will target all four parts within the handler and the dog to point each K9 team at best prepared.



Advanced Series Course Objectives:


Students will gain the KNOWLEDGE they need to be successful as a Police K9 Handler.

Students will learn to take a progressive TRAINING approach rather than a maintenance training approach.

Students will work through a MINDSET for success, allowing knowledge to flow down a leash, rather than up it.

Students will use techniques taught in these courses to effectively make good deployment DECISIONS.

Contact Custom Canine Unlimited today for more information about our courses and to learn if you have what it takes to complete our Advance Series K9 Training Courses!

Upcoming Advance Series K9 Training Courses

About Our K9 Trainers

The training staff here at Custom Canine Unlimited is dedicated to providing high-quality and proven methods and techniques to give you the resources and knowledge you need to be successful. When you choose Custom Canine Unlimited for your Advanced K9 training courses, you can expect the following from our professional K9 trainers:


Our trustworthy and honest dog trainers are fully dedicated to sharing their knowledge with you through our training courses.


We assure that you will receive professionalism from our trainers as they provide you with expert solutions for your K9 training.


More than 13 years of experience in the industry has allowed us the time to research and master superior dog training methods.

Family Culture

We have created an amazing family culture here at Custom Canine Unlimited to bring together our trainers, students, and dogs.


Dogs Available For Our Courses

Healthy & Reliable

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s time to take control of your future, and take the next step in getting advanced K9 Training. This not only gives you confidence in your K9  team's capability, but it opens your eyes to a whole new K9 perspective. Do you want to become more reliable and successful? Contact Custom Canine Unlimited today to find out how to do that!

Testimonials From Advanced Series K9 Courses

Hands down the best K9 training facility and team you could ask for.

The instructors are well knowledgeable and know how to fix the problems handlers or students may cause or run into.

Here Is Where You Turn For Advanced K9 Training

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