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Are you in need of a working dog that’s both reliable and well-bred? Look no further than Custom Canine Unlimited. Our selection of working dogs ranges from German Shepherds to Labrador Retrievers – ensuring that you find the perfect K9 for your needs.

The work ethics and temperaments of all CCU working dogs are unrivaled. Our dogs excel in many areas, including obedience, tracking, detection, protection, agility, search & rescue operations, and assisting law enforcement. We don’t just provide our customers with the best dogs; we also have an in-house training school so that you and your new K9 can develop a close bond.

At CCU, we only sell K9s with exceptional behaviors. All of our dogs are known for their reliability and drive – making them ideal for working owners. If you’re looking for a long-lasting partnership with an extraordinary working companion – then look no further than one of Custom Canine Unlimited’s highly trained and impeccably bred working dogs!