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Police Decoy Training Course

Creating a Safe Learning Environment for the Decoy and Police K9

Police Decoy Certification

Being a K9 decoy takes skill, training, and knowledge to ensure your safety and the safety of your military or police K9. Are you fit for the job?

Find out through our Police Decoy Training Course at Custom Canine Unlimited today!

This Police Decoy Training Course is designed for law enforcement officers and military personnel that use K9 units for detecting and apprehending in the field. While decoys are an often overlooked position in a K9 training team, it is a position that is not fit for the faint of heart. Contact our experienced trainers at Custom Canine Unlimited today to learn more about our intense and vigorous decoy training!

Are You Fit For The Job?

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Are You Fit For The Job? Contact Us Today To Find Out!

Our Police Decoy Training Course

An untrained or even undertrained decoy can place both the decoy and the K9 at risk for injury. Our thorough Police Decoy Training Course contains 40 hours of intense training that focuses on providing law enforcement and military K9 personnel with the resources and knowledge needed for proper decoy training for “real world” deployment.

Police Decoy Training Course Objectives:

Decoy will gain an understanding of the equipment, techniques, and K9 behavior specific to the decoy position.

Decoy will apply what they have learned to assist in the development of police and military dogs to be ready for “real world” deployment.

Decoy will acquire the knowledge and understanding on safety for both themselves and the police or military dog to help prevent injuries.

Decoy will use the techniques taught in this course to become a key asset in their law enforcement or military K9 unit.

Contact Custom Canine Unlimited today for more information about our Police Decoy Training Course and to see if you are fit for the position of a K9 decoy!

Benefits of Our Police Decoy Training Course

If you are looking to start your admirable journey as a K9 decoy in a law enforcement or military K9 unit, our Police Decoy Training Course from Custom Canine Unlimited can provide you with a wide variety of benefits. Below are some of the benefits you can look forward to after completing this training. Contact our team today to get started!

  • Sets you apart from other personnel, and makes you a key asset in the unit.
  • Prepares you for “real world” scenarios when using a police or military dog. 
  • Allows you to share your training and level others up in your K9 unit.
  • Gives you insight and a deeper understanding of a police or military dog’s behavior.
  • Provides the knowledge needed to advance K9 development for “real world” deployment of your unit.

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Bite Equipment

At Custom Canine Unlimited, we not only train law enforcement officers and military personnel in proper decoy training, we also provide K9 units with leading equipment to take their everyday training to the next level.

We offer a variety of bite equipment products to ensure that you, as a decoy, have the tools and protection you need to properly train the dogs in your unit — from bite sleeves and full bite suits to tugs, wedges, and training sticks. Browse all of our bite equipment from Custom Canine Unlimited online today!

About Our Police K9 Trainers

Our trainers at Custom Canine Unlimited are committed to providing students with advanced decoy techniques and knowledge to ensure that you are fully equipped to properly train police and military dogs to apprehend suspects in “real world” scenarios. When you choose Custom Canine Unlimited, you can rest assured that our professional dog trainers will bring the following to each and every course session:


Our trainers are fully dedicated to the courses that we teach and the training techniques that we use here at Custom Canine Unlimited.


We aim for the highest quality of training and professionalism, which is why we select only the best of the best as our Police K9 Trainers.


With more than a decade of experience in the K9 industry, our trainers bring extensive experience and knowledge to our Police Decoy Training Course.

Family Culture

We believe that our family culture plays a big role in our success at Custom Canine Unlimited as it brings our K9 trainers, students, and dogs together.


Healthy and Reliable Dogs Available 

A great police or military dog starts with a healthy and reliable dog that is trained in their specific field. At Custom Canine Unlimited, we are dedicated to providing you with top-grade breeds that are ready to start training with you and your K9 unit. Contact our team today with any questions about the dogs we have available! 

Get Started Today!

It’s time to take control in your police or military K9 unit, and ensure that you have the training needed to be a high-ranking and successful decoy. Completing our Police Decoy Training Course is an accomplishment you can be proud of as this vigorous training will test your abilities, and provide you with the skills needed to be a successful K9 decoy. Contact Custom Canine Unlimited today to find out if you have what it takes!


“Excellent training by top notch instructors. The training started off with the basics and continued to the advanced techniques. Real life scenarios keep our minds working to make decisions. Very satisfied with the class and would recommend Custom Canine Unlimited for any training needs whether it be a personal pet or police work.”
~ Shawn

“The best of the best in dog training! The instructors are very knowledgeable and give 100% of what they have. I would recommend them if you want obedience on personal dogs or for police working dogs. Glad to be part of the CCU FAMILY!”
~ Robby

Additional Police K9 Courses We Offer

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Police Decoy?

Contact Custom Canine Unlimited Today To Find Out More!

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