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Custom Canine Unlimited offers comprehensive, hands-on kennel master courses that combine classroom study as well as practical application. This course will teach valuable skills needed to be a certified Kennel Master. If you’re looking to work in a kennel, boarding facility, dog training facility or as a contractor, this is the course for you.

Learn more about how to become a certified dog trainer here. 

Dog Training Certification


Kennel Master Course Objectives:

  • A Student will use what they are taught to have a full understanding of the basic operations of a boarding facility, training facility, and kennel.
  • A student will apply what they have been taught to open a new facility, effectively manage a facility, or locate a career in the canine field.
  • A student will acquire the tools and resources needed to further their career in the canine field productively.
  • A student will use techniques taught in this course to effectively market their canine related business.

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Use Your GI Bill® For K9 Training

This is an approved for VA (Veteran Affairs) Education Benefits Course.  This course offers an eligible US Veteran an opportunity to use their GI Bill® to obtain superior K9 Training.

The Kennel Master Course provides 80 hours (2 weeks) of training that will combine classroom study as well as practical application to achieve maximum training results. This course will teach valuable skills needed to be a certified Kennel Master.

This is an ideal course for a student looking for continuing education or employment in a kennel, boarding facility, or dog training facility.


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