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The most requested continuing education K9 courses. Our K9 Handlers, K9 Trainers, and K9 Supervisors requested it and developed, Report Writing For K9 Handlers. For years the K-9 Deployment Report has been equated to the police report or a training record. Custom Canine Unlimited wants to end that thought. The K9 Deployment Report is an essential aspect of our documentation for a K9 deployment. The K9 deployment report accurately documents our actions on scene, but also our actions in training and previous deployments.

This is a 16 hour K9 Deployment Report Writing Course developed specifically for K9 Handlers, K9 Trainers, or K9 Supervisors that uses classroom theory, practical exercises, and testing to teach a student to write a K9 Deployment Report. Students will learn how to document a K9 Deployment and affidavit in a manner that is systematic, easy to understand, and meets the current and evolving standards of Police K9 case law. Personnel tasked with report review will learn to read and understand K9 reports and what to look for before approving incomplete or improperly written reports. This proactive K9 deployment report writing course will assist a student in courtroom testimony by preparing for court months before with a report, reduces liability for the department, and maintains continuity in K9 Unit reporting. These reports contain vital information necessary for prosecution, building reliability in the team, and providing information that supports a deployment.

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January 21, 2015 – Hamilton, Ohio
March 11, 2015 – CCU Headquarters
March 16, 2015 – CCU Sorrento, Florida