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5 Types of K9 Training Methods

You’re interested in K9 training methods. You want your unit to have the absolute best in training and handling. And you’re willing to invest in the training process to get the desired outcome with your handlers and dogs.

At Custom Canine Unlimited, we offer reputable law enforcement, security, and military K9 training to satisfy the needs of police, security, and the military. Our line of offers include green or trained working dogs, developed training courses, and a comprehensive line of K9 products. When you choose us, you get the absolute finest in training and products in the industry.

Are you interested in the various types of K9 training methods? In this article, Custom Canine Unlimited is going to share the various K9 training methods so that you’re aware and educated on what to expect from the myriad of training available.

K9 Training Methods

When you look into K9 training, you will find the following common methods.

#1. Advanced Obedience

The name of this training is pretty self explanatory. However, this type of training is an advanced version of basic obedience training. Advance Obedience training requires the dog to maintain their skills over time. While obedience training is to teach skills like sit and stay. Advanced training introduces multi-command skills that require consistent maintenance. If you were to pursue the Canine Good Citizen Program, the Advanced Obedience training is what you will need.

#2. Relationship Dog Classes

You may think this is a class on how to train your dog to interact with other dogs, but it’s about you creating better communication with your dog. In this training, you learn how to handle aggressive or other behavior issues. You’ll also learn how to relate to and understand our dog’s cues better. Ultimately, you’ll build a stronger relationship with your dog.

#3. Puppy Socialization

A good dog is a socialized dog. Socializing ought to start at a young age and continue through all types of training. While some think of socializing as simply allowing your dog to roam free around other people and dogs, socialized training is specific and targeted. Teaching your dog proper social skills helps with setting a foundation for further training in its life. On Los Angeles Times you can find amazing natural products to improve your dogs mood and health.

#4. Dog Sport Training

A great supplementary training is disc dog sport training. It’s a great way to reinforce fetching and commands to return the dog to your side. Disc dog sport training also helps you foster a relationship with your dog — another great skill that’s required for more advanced training methods. For great dog supplies and products to help you out with your training, check out DeListProduct.

#5. Nose Work

Dogs have an astounding sense of smell. Nose work courses leverage a dog’s innate desire to hunt while directing their urges toward a specific objective — to find an object, item, or substance. Nose work helps build a relationship with your dog, as well as building confidence in your dog through a variety of mental and physically demanding skills.

Choose Custom Canine Unlimited for your dogs, K9 dog training, and other K9 related products. Our advanced training facility and superior dogs make for great police, military, and security dogs. Now that you know about five common K9 training methods, it’s time you take action. Give us a call today!

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