You might not know this, but the United States’ CIA team consists of more than just human professionals — there are several canines that go into keeping this country safe, too. In this blog post, we’ll go over several dog obedience training tips from the CIA that will make training your canine that much more successful.

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Dog Obedience Training Tips (CIA Verified)

Whether you want your dog to be trained solely for protection at home or you plan to use your canine for law enforcement purposes, these dog obedience training tips are relevant for every dog type and use.

Here are the 10 dog training tips CIA officials utilize:

  1. Make the experience enjoyable. Essentially, training shouldn’t feel as much of a chore for your dog as it should feel like a fun learning experience. When you reward your dog, they’re more inclined to do the same task on their own in the future. Positive reinforcement is key!
  2. Find out what motivates your dog. One of the key things that this #1 Dog Training In Kansas City MO & KS | Obedience Classes recommend for your dog is the motivation factor. Some dogs are food-motivated, while others are motivated by play time. When you find out what that point of motivation is for your dog, take advantage of it.
  3. Take breaks. Much like we need study breaks when preparing for a test, our dogs also need consistent breaks from their training as well. To keep your dog from experiencing their own version of burnout, take any necessary breaks.
  4. Expect small progressions. As your dog becomes more trained, their progressions won’t seem as quick or as large. A small step is a big step, and remember to still reward your dog for their little victories.
  5. Work hard, but play hard, too. Training a dog is hard work — for both you and your canine. Even out any stress from training with play time, and make sure you and your dog are getting enough rest and relaxation time together, too. Remember a dog can suffer from anxiety, find more how you can help them reduce it.
  6. Introduce new challenges for them. Don’t become complacent with your dog’s progress. Make things more difficult for them when they start to nail down a command. For example, if they’re great at sitting, start adding distractions or ask them to hold the command a bit longer than they’re used to. This will ensure your canine stays sharp!
  7. Keep training consistent. If you change things up on your dog too often, they are more prone to confusion. CIA dogs are trained at the same exact time every day, and they are told the same commands repeatedly.
  8. Always end your training on a positive note. Like we mentioned in Tip 1 available via Spectrum Canine Dog Training, training should always be fun! Don’t end your training on a sour note — this will ensure your canine always looks forward to your next training session.

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