At Custom Canine, we offer small, interactive dog training classes so you can get the hands-on experience and individualized attention you need to succeed. Our team of trainers have the experience and expertise to ensure you get your dog training career off to the right start. But why should you even put forth the effort to become a dog trainer? What are the benefits of this career path? We’re glad you asked!

Never run out of work

As a dog trainer, you will never run out of work, particularly when working for a respected organization like Custom Canine. You can learn how to train dogs for law enforcement, the military, personal protection, or obedience. With such a wide variety of skills to develop, there will always be a dog who needs your training.

Make a positive impact

Dog training is a rewarding career in which you can directly see your impact. With every training session, you will see progress towards your goal. When training other people’s pets, you will hear from them exactly how much better behaved their dogs are, and therefore, how much easier you have made their lives. When you train law enforcement dogs, you know they are contributing to the greater good.

Work with animals

The therapeutic benefits of spending time with animals is well-documented. Studies have shown that dogs lower blood pressure and elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine. This effectively lowers your stress levels and increases your happiness. By working with dogs, you will feel these benefits on a daily basis.
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