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Building a Foundation for Effective K9 Training

Police and military canines are highly trained so that they will be able to handle active work. The foundation for their success stems from effective K9 training techniques. Improper training can hold a canine back from full, active duty. K9 training for military and police, and other specialized service dogs is highly specialized. Unlike traditional obedience training for household pets, K9 training specializes in handler control, canine conditioning, and scenario based training protocols.

Canines that are used in the field are working dogs and need specialized training protocols. These canines need a job, and they must be trained how to complete these jobs properly. Proper canine training must start with handler leadership. Handlers are the ones that will correct or reinforce certain behaviors. It is the handler’s job to dole out positive or negative reinforcement the moment a behavior is shown to improve training. Remember, proper K9 training is about training a handler and a canine at the same time, so it is important to place this team into scenario-based training exercises. These scenarios will allow a handler and a canine the opportunities to employ their specialized training within a controlled setting before field work is performed. All training should be completed with quality skills, proper control, and proper reinforcements.

Laying a solid foundation for effective K9 training must be completed in steps. It is as much about “training” the handler as it is about training the canine. We offer US and international K9 training from professionals that have years of experience working with canines and their human counterparts. For help, tips, or information about K9 service dog training, visit Custom Canine Unlimited.

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