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Comprehensive K9 Supervisor Training

The Police K9 Supervisor Training Curriculum, is our most comprehensive Police K9 Supervisor Training and focuses on activities that police K9s and their partners are required to perform, liability, and management. Our training facilities offer working K9s, trainers, and handlers realistic training circumstances so that dogs and handlers graduate prepared for real-world. This stands true for this course. This curriculum is suitable for K9 unit supervisors, K-9 handlers, and current or retired law enforcement personnel, security managers, as well as citizens interested in managing K9s for this intriguing line of work.

Our police K9 Supervisor Training provides graduates with a variety of resources, information, best practices, and techniques in managing their K9 teams. Through years of research and development, we have been able to create some of the best K-9 supervisor training in the business, and as a participant in our program, you will have the chance to comprehend and use this tried-and-true information. At, we regularly work on research and development projects involving military and working dogs, and we use this expertise and data to create cutting-edge training curricula. You will have the chance to participate in any ongoing projects and gain access to our earlier research as a student in one of our programs.

In order to develop dependable habits throughout the police dog’s entire life, we also put a lot of emphasis on teaching basic police patrol dog tactics. Our course teaches you how to manage and monitor police patrol dogs in strong obedience as well as behaviors like “out” and “recall”. In order to develop successful police K9 teams, scenario-based training and certification are also emphasized in our courses for K9 supervisors. Our courses instruct students on how to monitor successful police K9 training regimens that closely resemble actual field operations that test police canines and their handlers and produce effective police K9 teams.

Additionally, the student receives a comprehensive overview of how to effectively supervise and manage police K9 teams through our Police K9 Supervisor Course. This course provides you with all the knowledge and resources you need to be a successful police K9 supervisor, from record keeping and report writing to K9 policy.

Our curriculum teaches students about dog behavior, learning theory, training methods, and behavior modification strategies. Our police K9 supervisors are able to successfully communicate with their K9 teams, establish strong checks and balances, and reduces liability.

In terms of supervising police, security, and military working dogs, is a world authority. Students learn the skills they need to be leaders in the Police, Security, and Military K9 sectors in our Police K9 Supervisor Course. Through our training, you will learn how to effectively work with all disciplines of K9 teams. Our program’s graduates are confident in their abilities and, more significantly, in their ability to manage K9 teams. Because they participate in the entire learning process and are aware that the training techniques taught at have been demonstrated to be effective in the field, they grow to have complete faith in their police K9 teams.


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