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Everything You Need To Know About Police K9 Training

Police K9 training is very different from traditional dog obedience training in that these dogs take on an important and specific responsibility, such as drug detection, general patrol or bomb detection. But the responsibility isn’t solely on the dogs alone — their handlers play a big role in their success as well.

So what exactly goes into police K9 training, and how do these dogs learn the impressive skill sets they do throughout their training process? We go over several of your questions and more in this blog post.

Custom Canine Unlimited offers top-rated dog training products and services, and our police K9 training is conducted by professionals who have years of experience working with dogs. Contact us today to sign up for a program for you and your police K9 unit.

What To Expect

Like every dog obedience training course, we have to start from scratch with your working dog. Your trusted K9 needs to learn their basic “sit and stay” commands while they’re young, and from there, we can expand on and grow their skill set.

Building a solid foundation is essential for when we hone in on one specialization your dog will be trained for.

Types Of Police K9 Training

Police K9 units often don’t specialize in multiple specializations due to the complexity of teaching these important skills. Rather, we train police K9 units to be dedicated to one specific job.

These specific jobs and the programs we offer at Custom Canine include the following:

  • Police patrol: We teach our patrol dogs to be trained in the areas of control, gunfire, tactical obedience, area search, building search and apprehension.
  • Drug detection: Dogs in our drug detection program are trained to detect cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin and marijuana with either a passive or aggressive alert.
  • Bomb detection: Our explosives dogs are trained to detect explosives that are concealed in vehicles, open areas, lockers, luggage and packages, and we train our bomb detection K9s to detect all industry-standard odors.
  • Scent tracking: We teach our tracking dogs to follow an odor (i.e. a human scent, reinforcing scents, ecological odor, etc.) until it is no longer traceable.

Training Advice

Here are a few tips from our professionals that will help you have a successful time during your police K9 training course.

  • Find out what motivates your dogs (i.e. treats, toys, etc.).
  • Don’t overwork your dog. Though these dogs are for professional use, they can experience burnout just like we can.
  • Keep things light and fun! Dogs don’t retain as much information if they’re having a miserable time.

Choose Custom Canine For Your Police K9 Training

If you’re searching for effective and reliable police K9 training, Custom Canine Unlimited offers the best services and dog training experts in the industry. Our world-class canine provider and dog training facility was started in 2003 by law enforcement, and we have extensive police K9 training programs that have a proven successful track record. We truly take the time to figure out your specific needs and goals from our dog training programs.

Sign up for one of our police K9 training programs today! Learn further details about these specific programs by calling our office at (877) 799-4806 or by filling out our online form.

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