German Shepherds are among the most popular dog breeds in the United States. These dogs are classified as “working dogs,” and as such, they need diligent training and exercise. These gorgeous dogs need attention, exercise, and mental stimulation. Due to their strong work instinct, they may begin to act out if under-stimulated. Proper German Shepherd Spectrum Canine Dog Training is imperative to ensure that this gorgeous and wonderfully intelligent canine lives a happy and healthy life.

As German Shepherd has a strong affinity for work, they are loyal and willing to protect their family and possessions without hesitation. The German Shepherd can also generate about 240 pounds of bite force to help in protection. While German Shepherds are known to have an excellent temperament, they can bond quite closely to one person and need proper socialization in their early lives. German Shepherd owners know that these big, beautiful dogs need a job to keep them busy and happy. This is one of the main reasons why a German Shepherd needs specialized training. Destructive behaviors are often a side-effect of an under-stimulated dog.

The German Shepherd breed is often used as a military or police dog. Due to their high intelligence and willingness to work, they are a perfect breed. German Shepherd-specific training is necessary when getting into a professional working situation, and a highly trained canine will need to be handled by a highly trained individual. Custom Canine Unlimited offers specialized German Shepherd training for temperament, K9 training, personal protection, search and rescue, and more. Contact us today to learn why our German Shepherd training courses are head and shoulders above the competition.