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Every location has its own set of rules and requirements. Custom Canine Unlimited ensures the current conditions are obtained to ensure all requirements are met to help prevent denials and quarantines due to improper transport.


This is the foundation of all dog transport. Access will be denied without the correct vaccinations, lab reports, and signatures specifically designated by veterinarians, all within the required time frames. We ensure our clients obtain the proper medical requirements.


Our experience of transporting dogs around the world has allowed us to build a network of unique specialty providers that help us to provide safe, comfortable, reliable, and professional service to our clients without sacrificing the health of our dogs, even in some of the most remote places of the world.


Transport services to meet your specific needs. Custom Canine Unlimited provides safe and comfortable transportation service to meet your particular needs, whether to and from veterinarian appointments, airport transport, or other dog transport needs; we can handle it for you.


Paperwork can be daunting and confusing to those that do not move dogs regularly. Custom Canine Unlimited can remove that stress for you. Completion, Execution, and Communication with the proper authorities, even if they are not in the United States, to ensure the most seamless, uneventful transfer possible.

Dog Size

Shipping dogs of all sizes. With full custom abilities for each of our clients. No dog is too small or too large; if there is a way we can get it done.


Boarding services are always available for each situation for pre or post-trip needs. Allow your dog to stay in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment with professionals that treat each dog as their own.


  Real WORLD.

Dog Boarding

The perfect boarding solution for your agency K9 or personal working dog.  Our trained and certified kennel staff will care for your dog while you are on your much needed vacation.

Working Dogs For Sale

Tested and Selection working dogs for the task. Are selection process has yielded us a less that 1% error rate. See our inventory of single and dual purpose canines. Select your next working dog today.

K9 Training

Our most sought after service we offer. Our K9 Training are built on proven curriculums delivered by subject matter experts. 

Course Schedule

The course schedule is posted so you can plan. Register today for one of our upcoming courses before they fill up.

K9 Resource Membership

Our latest commitment to our industry. Provide the best Online K9 Resource available today. New resources posted weekly.

The Best Online K9 Resource

The availability of working dog resources is scarce. Couple that with GREAT and ONLINE the availability is a rarity. CCU DRIVE is the industry unicorn, and Custom Canine Unlimited has leaped to answer the industry’s calling. We are providing our members with K9 resources in the palm of your hand. We have pulled back the curtain, expanded our reach, and delivered a resource you can have anywhere you have an internet connection and device. Our videos, audio recordings, articles, and Comunity Forum provide our members full access to K9 Training Videos, Working Dog Articles, K9 Business advice, and Q&A. We keep our members fed with weekly content of various perspectives that help K9 handlers, K9 trainers, and Working Dog Business owners worldwide succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is student lodging available?

    Yes. Student lodging is available.

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    Is student lodging included in tuition?

    No. Unfortunately, lodging costs are not included in tuition.

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    Is there financing available?

    Yes. Custom Canine Unlimited has partnered with some third-party finance companies that can finance this course. Contact Us now to get the latest financing options we have available.


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    My dog is missing. Can you track it?

    Unfortunately, our tracking dogs only track humans.  We cannot come to help you find your missing dog.  Sorry. We do hope your find your friend.