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Law Enforcement Appreciation Week: Transit & Railroad Officers

It’s almost nearing the end of Custom Canine Unlimited’s Law Enforcement Appreciation Week! 

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Today we’re highlighting Transit and Railroad Officers as the recipients of our gratitude.  

In general terms, Transit and Railroad Police patrol railroad yards and transit stations. They protect property, employees, and passengers from crimes such as thefts and robberies. They remove trespassers from railroad and transit properties and check IDs of people who try to enter secure areas. Transit and Railroad Officer hopefuls usually attend a training academy before becoming an officer. Training includes classroom instruction in state and local laws and constitutional law, civil rights, and police ethics. Recruits also receive training and supervised experience in areas such as patrol, traffic control, firearm use, self-defense, first aid, and emergency response.  

Transit and Railroad Police can issue citations and warnings to those who break the law. Officers can spend much of their time writing reports as well as maintaining records. These Officers patrol their areas and investigate any suspicious activity they may come across as well as respond to any calls from individuals. All Transit and railroad Police maintain records and write reports that will be necessary if they are to ever testify in court. When these Officers are on duty, they can pursue, identify or arrest suspected criminals as well as enforce traffic laws and resolve any problems within the community. Agencies serving transportation systems and facilities have special jurisdictions and enforcement responsibilities.  

Of course, K9s can aide in the responsibilities of Transit and Railroad Police. Not only are K9s, especially those trained at Custom Canine Unlimited, experienced at drug interdiction, but they can also be trained to find the odor of explosives. K9s working alongside Transit and Railroad Police can truly save countless lives. CCU K9s are not only trained on cars on their campus, but are trained in real world environments with much larger modes of transportation. K9s and Handlers can help stop the spread of dangerous substances. Custom Canine Unlimited is connected with their community, and as such, many public businesses open their doors for our K9 Handler and K9 trainees alike. 

Thank you Transit and Railroad Police for your service! We’ve taken this special day to honor you. As always, just as you have our back, we always have yours. 

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