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Custom Canine Unlimited Welcomes New Partnership with Leica’s Saving Paws Rescue

K9 Dante, the rescue dog who was in the care of CCU's K9 Trainers for Leica's Saving Paws Rescue

“…The biggest thing is that our K9 Trainers can really help these dogs. Other trainers may write these dogs off… Our staff is capable of managing these types of dogs, but also giving them the training, direction, and guidance that is needed to be successfully placed.”

– AJ Vargas

I sat down with Custom Canine Unlimited CEO and Head Trainer, AJ Vargas, to discuss CCU’s latest initiative – helping rescue dogs! We at Custom Canine Unlimited are proud to announce that we have started working with Leica’s Saving Paws Rescue, Inc., from Loganville, Georgia. 

“[CCU] is in a great position to give back… and we have the opportunity to do that and to be impactful.”

It’s no secret that CCU is passionate about K9s and the K9 industry, so of course, we’ve taken the opportunity to expand our impact. AJ Vargas says, “We need to reach outside of our comfort zone and give back to communities or industries that may not have had the opportunity without us.” Custom Canine Unlimited started working with Leica’s Saving Paws due to a friend in the Law Enforcement world who is affiliated with the rescue. The opportunity to align our values with our actions is always an opportunity that CCU is glad to take.

“Integrity… In helping [Leica’s Saving Paws Rescue], our K9 Trainers are going to have the integrity to do what’s right for the dog in every case. Some might say, ‘It’s too much work,’, ‘Not enough money,’ or, ‘Too much is at risk.’ [Our] Trainers and Kennel Staff have in their hearts to do what is right.”

K9 “Dante” was the initial rescue dog that was put into Custom Canine Unlimited’s care. “Dante” is an amazing Dutch Shepherd, who’s loving personality was completely evident to all of the CCU Staff. Initially, when “Dante” first came to the CCU facility in Gainesville, Georgia, it was clear that the K9 was malnourished and dehydrated. The CCU Staff knew that this was a huge opportunity for K9 “Dante”, and an opportunity for us, to help in the goal of getting him stable and adopted. 

“… The professionalism in providing this rescue [with] full updates, full documentation of everything that’s done here, giving them weekly updates…”

Custom Canine Unlimited is supplying Leica’s Saving Paws Rescue with the same comprehensive services that they would offer any of their clients. From training and professional care, to documentation and forthright updates; CCU is proud to show Leica’s Saving Paws Rescue exactly what we value and pride ourselves in doing. “Having integrity in training and transparency with the rescue [is important]…We’re not shortcutting the dog; [“Dante” is] getting premium care and training from the best team in the industry.” CCU develops a plan for each dog that enters our facility, and the rescue K9s are no different. We develop a unique guide for the acclamation of the dog. For “Dante”, he had an acclamation period consisting of monitoring food times, run times, vet visits, and on-leash walking. “Dante” was then introduced to the socialization phase of his development. “Dante” was introduced to buildings, cars, loud noises, and other common stressors. As the K9 grew increasingly comfortable in our care, our K9 Trainers would implement obedience training. Everyone on the Custom Canine Unlimited team plays a key role in the rescue dogs’ training plans, and we value each facet of those roles. “[We don’t] take any shortcuts, we give [the rescue] our full services.”

“[We all] have one vision. The [CCU] team did not hesitate that they wanted to do this. We went in with that one vision; helping dogs in need that they otherwise wouldn’t get. The dogs could be sitting somewhere else with no chance to move forward. [We are] getting them on the best footing.”

The CCU Team is absolutely grateful to be a part of this initiative and to help these rescue dogs find their perfect homes. We are thrilled to showcase our core values in our actions and intentions and thrilled to help K9s in need. We want to thank Leica’s Saving Paws Rescue for putting their faith and trust in our team and capabilities. We look forward to helping as many dogs as we can! As AJ Vargas says, “I don’t foresee [this] leaving anytime soon. The project is encompassing our core values. Very glad to be a part of it.”’

K9 “Dante” has since been adopted to his new family. We are happy to see that “Dante” has fit right in to his new environment and adds joy to his new family. The new owner is hopeful that “Dante” will compete in sporting events, such as dock diving. The new family was very impressed with CCU and K9 Trainer, Scott Oakes.

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Custom Canine Unlimited Welcomes New Partnership with Leica’s Saving Paws Rescue
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