Military Working Dog (MWD) Training

Law Enforcement

Police K9 Training at its best. Develped and taught by former law enforcement K9 handlers and trainers. Training and services for every aspect of a K9 Unit, small or large.

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Military Working Dog (MWD) training develped to specifically meet the needs of the MWD. From continued education to program implimentation, every aspect points to advancement and seamless integration into the foundation of each MWD.

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K9 Programs developed to help US Veterans start a new career in the K9 industry or advance in their current career in the K9 industry. Our approve VA facility offers the training and support for each veteran. Availability to use GI Bill

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Training by renoun working dog trainers that are educated, knowledgeable, and well-versed in development of dogs in all stages of life, behavour modification, and problem solving. We develop custom training plans for each client.

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For Military Working Dog (MWD) Teams

Image of K9 Handler Eugene Young doing tracking
Advanced Tracking

Custom Canine Unlimited’s MWD Advanced Tracking course offers handlers advanced scent detection and tracking techniques through real-world scenarios. With a focus on handler-dog communication, customized instruction, and expert guidance, participants will enhance their operational readiness and maximize their dogs’ tracking capabilities.

Image of K9 Trunks doing bitework with a decoy
Advanced Decoying

This course provides comprehensive training for those looking to master decoy techniques and skills. This intensive program emphasizes safety, precise bite placement, and effective dog handling under various high-stress environments. Participants will gain hands-on experience with expert instructors, enhancing their ability to support K9 teams in both training and real-world situations. The course prepares decoys to execute their roles with a high level of proficiency, ensuring the optimal performance of working dogs in operational settings.

Image of MP working his MWD on advanced detection
Advanced Detection

Custom Canine Unlimited’s Advanced Detection Course provides handlers with comprehensive training in advanced detection techniques using practical scenarios. The course enhances handler-dog communication, with personalized guidance to improve operational readiness and detection skills. Participants will refine search patterns and scent discrimination, ensuring accurate performance in various operational settings.

Our MWD Training Program is built with three goals in mind: reliability, efficiency, and consistency.

Elite Tactical Training for Military Working Dogs

Our Military Working Dog Training program is designed to fortify your tactical teams with unmatched canine capabilities. At Custom Canine Unlimited, we equip your K9 units with the advanced skills necessary to execute high-stakes operations with precision and efficiency. Our rigorous training regimens are developed by experienced operatives with a deep understanding of military protocols, ensuring your dogs are mission-ready at all times.

Distinctive Advantages

  • Personalized Programs: Our training regimens are tailored to the individual needs of each dog and handler, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness.
  • Innovative Methods: Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and equipment in detection, decaying, agility, tracking, and endurance training we set industry benchmarks.
  • Handler Focus: Emphasizing handler education ensures effective communication and collaboration, leading to outstanding operational outcomes.
  • Seasoned Trainers: Our trainers bring extensive K9 unit experience, offering invaluable real-world knowledge and expertise.
  • Proven Track Record: With a history of successful missions, our trained dogs and handlers consistently deliver exceptional results.


Our Courses Offer

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Full Curriculum

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Full Support

Student Housing



superior training. For the Serious

When it comes to training, we take it serious. Some offer training for the fun of it and deliver results that are subpar. Custom Canine Unlimited understands the reality of our teams working in the real world. Our training is developed to meet the demands of the real world.

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The framework for each class, course, and program is built to meet a specific purpose, however we are still able to provide the nessary custom training each dog and person needs. 

Police K9 Training


Military Working Dog Training


U.S. Veteran K9 Training


Working Dog Training




I just want to thank all the trainers for the time and hard work they put into us as I know its not easy training new handlers. I felt like everyone here was here to help and l enjoyed my time at CCU.

Michael Aguilar

K9 Handler, Columbus Police Department

“I would like to thank the entire staff for the gems that were shared with me. One of the hardest and challenging courses I have encountered. Thank for making Tracking interesting. If nothing I will always keep in mind Have Fun and Confidence.”
Eugene Young

Is housing available?

Yes, Housing is available.  Although it is not on site it is within 7 minute drive from the facility. 

What are the class sizes?

Each class is designed differently, however for the most part our student to instructor ratio is 4:1.