Image of a Dutch Shepherd doing vehicle detection with his handler


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Trainer Courses

Our Trainer Courses provide thorough instruction in canine behavior, obedience, and specialized training techniques. Geared towards professionals in the field, these courses cover topics such as behavior modification, scent detection, and advanced obedience, preparing you to excel as a certified canine trainer in diverse settings. 

Handler Courses

Custom Canine Unlimited offers comprehensive MWD Handler courses, tailored to meet the demands of military and law enforcement agencies. Our training encompasses obedience, aggression control, detection, and tracking, ensuring handlers are equipped with the skills to effectively deploy and manage MWDs in operational environments.

Advanced K9 Courses

Explore our advanced K9 courses tailored for MWD Handlers, equipping you and your K9 with top-tier skills for operational excellence. From advanced detection protocols to precision tracking strategies, our programs provide comprehensive training for elite military canine teams. Elevate mission readiness and effectiveness with our specialized curriculum led by experts.

I’ve been able to pull real applicable techniques that have helped me and my MWD improve in training and utilization both times.

SPC Brock

Advanced Tracking K9 Course

AJ made everything easy to understand and absolutely is the best trainer I’ve had the pleasure to work with in the past 3 years.


Advanced K9 Tracking Course