Anthony Giaquinta, long time K-9 Handler and K-9 Trainer takes the reigns of Custom Canine Unlimited Caribbean K-9 Project Manager.  Giaquinta brings the operational knowledge, training knowledge, and commitment this project needs.  With this project being more of a friendship and a personnal commitment to the owners that Custom Canine Unlimited has built over the years, Giaquinta is exactly what Custom Canine Unlimited needs on this project.

Giaquinta has gained over 10 years of law enforcement experience with 95% of his career spent handling and training police dogs.  Giaquinta spent a stint of time as the head trainer and K-9 Supervisor over a successfull sheriff department K-9 Unit.  His experience, foreward thinking, and structured approach will extend well into this project.

Giaquinta, the first handler AJ Vargas trained after obtaining his K-9 Master Trainer Certificate has been a trainer that Custom Canine Unlimited has sought after for several years.  “The circumstances were just not right at the time we first wanted him.  I believe our company just wasn’t ready for a trainer like “G”, but with our company growth and company structure changes in the last few months, all the pieces are in place now.” says AJ Vargas, Director of Operations for Custom Canine Unlimited.

This is an intensive program that takes a special person and Custom Canine Unlimited believes Giaquinta is the person for the job.  “We know that it will take “G” some time to get into the flow of things, but we know he can do it” says Vargas.  When Giaquinta was told of the task at hand he says without hesitation, “I will help get us there.”

– By AJ Vargas