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This comprehensive 16 hour online K9 Supervisor Course is compile of 7 modules that target specific areas of K9 Supervision.  We use our vast experience, training, and research to provide a student a knowledgeable, legal, best practice alternative to K9 Supervision.

If you are like most other K9 Unit Supervisor and you have no formal training.  If you are a K9 Handler that aspires to become a K9 Supervisor.  If you are a Department Administrator that has no clue what your K9 Teams do or should be doing.  If you are a K9 Supervisor already that is looking for an up-to-date course K9 Supervision.  Rest assured, this is your course.


Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to CCU Online K9 Courses  
Unit 2 K9 Supervisor Course Welcome  
Unit 3 K9 Supervisor Course Content  
Unit 4 Course Objective  
Unit 5 K9 Team Familiarization  
Unit 6 K9 Supervisor Unit 1 Quiz  
Module 2 Handler Legals
Unit 1 Handler Detection  
Unit 2 K9 Handler Detection Case Law Part 1  
Unit 3 K9 Handler Detection Case Law Part 2  
Unit 4 K9 Handler Tracking Case Law  
Unit 5 K9 Handler Patrol Case Law  
Unit 6 K9 Supervisor Unit 2 Quiz  
Module 3 K9 Training Requirements
Unit 1 Kerr v. City of West Palm Beach  
Unit 2 K9 Training Requirements  
Unit 3 K9 Supervisor Unit 3 Quiz  
Module 4 Equipment Maintenance
Unit 1 Equipment  
Unit 2 K9 Supervisor Unit 4 Quiz  
Module 5 Supervisor Liability
Unit 1 Supervisor Liability Introduction  
Unit 2 Legal Doctrines  
Unit 3 Liability Areas Summary  
Unit 4 Liability Areas  
Unit 5 K9 Liability  
Unit 6 K9 Liability Answered  
Unit 7 Sample K9 Policies  
Unit 8 K9 Supervisor Unit 5 Quiz  
Module 6 Handler Compensation
Unit 1 Handler Compensation Introduction  
Unit 2 Handler Compensation Basics  
Unit 3 At-Home Care Case Law  
Unit 4 AT-Home Care DOL Letters  
Unit 5 Travel Time Case Law  
Unit 6 Handler Compensation Solutions  
Unit 7 K9 Supervisor Unit 6 Quiz  
Module 7 Handler Selection
Unit 1 Handler Selection  
Unit 2 Sample Interview Questions  
Unit 3 Supervisor Resources  
Unit 4 K9 Supervisor Course Evaluation  


8 reviews for K9 Supervisor Online Course

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 8 reviews)
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Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 8, 2023

The training provided and backed up case law. I struggled with Kerr v. the City of West Palm Beach, but that it opened my eyes to the lack of support from administration and not knowing any better. Now that i have been informed I can defend not only myself but the department as a whole. I’ve always hated the term “LIABILITY” as it was thrown around to place fear on staff members.

I take to heart the “Lead through Leadership” and we all known the signing paperwork supervisor.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity for allowing myself and the Department to take part of this training and hope to utilize the information to the best of my ability’s. I will like to take other courses to advance my knowledge to build a better program for my department, the K9 Program, and better Handlers as a K9 Unit.

Thank You,

Adrian Castaneda
Rated 5.0 out of 5
June 30, 2023

I have limited experience supervising K9 units. I found this course extremely beneficial and thought it contained very pertinent information.

Kendall Allison
Rated 5.0 out of 5
September 3, 2021

Great class lots of good information

Jamal H. (verified owner)
Rated 5.0 out of 5
September 3, 2021

Good course

William Crain (verified owner)
Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 10, 2021

The course was excellent, good information and put together very well.

Blake Isaacson (verified owner)

K9 Supervisor Online Course

K9 Supervisors and Department Administrators are liable for their K9 Teams. Lack of knowledge is not a defense to liability.  This online course will give you the knowledge needed to assist in managing a K9 Unit. This course is ideal for any personnel that aspires to become a K9 unit supervisor or needs K9 unit supervision training for a U.S. law enforcement or security company application.



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