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Modern Icon is dedicated to providing high-quality products to military, law enforcement, and the outdoor enthusiast. Whether you need a K9 lead, harness, or collar, you can rest assured the product is thoroughly engineered and solidly constructed.

The inspiration for Modern Icon was molded by the grit and character that defined the Greatest Generation. Throughout WWII, we saw Americans at their best—even amidst the worst situations. Looking back on such a formidable time, we see an iconic nation that was willing to fight and serve; not only putting others first, but putting pride and attention into their work. The selflessness and resilience of that generation was not only ingrained into their character, but could also be seen in their work ethic and products they made.

We wish to do our part to bring America as a nation back to this iconic status it once held by delivering quality gear for the Modern Icon.

As a special thanks, to stay in line with the Modern Icon pledge we offer a 10% discount to military and first responders.

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