Euro Joe Intermediate Bite Sleeve with Replaceable Jute Cover

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The Euro Joe intermediate bite sleeve with a jute cover is an excellent training sleeve and one of the most widely used bite sleeves today. This bite sleeve also referred to as a bite bar sleeve, is used by K9 trainers worldwide. These trainers use this sleeve to assist them in training a police patrol dog, Military Working Dog (MWD), personal protection dog, or sport dog in an intermediate or advanced stage of bite work training. 

The Euro Joe “DS4” is a newly designed bite sleeve that replaces the “RX4” bite sleeve. This bite sleeve is well constructed and offers many quality features that are hard to find in other intermediate sleeves. This new design provides a slightly shorter and lighter sleeve for longer training times and to help reduce decoy fatigue. The included removable sleeve cover may be replaceable if worn out. To accommodate the dogs this sleeve was designed for; the sleeve contains an elbow protector.


  • Thick stitching along the upper opening with stitching along the bottom. 
  • Straps on the outer sleeve allow for a secure hold on the bar.
  • Leather Straps with metal buckles allow for easy cover installation over the interior skeleton. Just unbuckle the straps, slide the cover over the bar, and slide the straps on the sleeve cover through the buckle straps. Re buckle at desired comfort and sizing, then adjust as needed. Buckled straps secured with leather hold along the edge of the bite bar for maximum security.
  • 2 Black handles have a light foam exterior for comfort. These handles accommodate shorter extremities without losing the ability to stabilize the sleeve with the second handle. 
  • Strap handle at the opening to hang.

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Euro Joe Intermediate Bite Sleeve with Replaceable Jute Cover

Euro Joe RS4 Intermediate Sleeve


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