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Chocolate Labrador puppy sitting in a field of grass
Introducing Custom Canine Unlimited’s Puppy Class! Throughout the next five weeks, you and your puppy will learn together, from potty training and obedience to bonding and playtime. Bringing a new puppy home can be an exciting but overwhelming thing. At CCU, you have a full staff of trainers here to support you and your pup during this time. This group class provides an ideal environment for learning and fostering a positive training experience.

Below are the modules we will cover over the five weeks of our New Puppy Class!

Our Five-Week Course Covers:

  • Potty Training
  • House Manners
  • Basic Obedience
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Bonding & Safety

Our goal at CCU is to build a strong foundation for both you and your puppy. With over twenty years of experience training dogs, we are excited to bring our New Puppy Class to you in the hopes of building a better relationship between you and your pup.

This program is designed for puppies aged 14 weeks to 6 months. Please note: All puppies must have a rabies vaccination and be up-to-date on other eligible vaccines.

Training will take place inside our Classroom, which will be thoroughly sanitized before and after training classes. A list of recommended items will be sent via email ahead of your first class.

A $49 credit will be added to your CCU Account which may be used on any Kennel Services (grooming, boarding) or in our store. The cost of the program is nonrefundable and must be paid in full before the first class.

Training Areas

Potty Training

Beginner Obedience

Health & Safety

Puppy Nutrition



Minimum 14 Weeks

Maximum 6 Months

Must have proof of Rabies Vaccination

Must be up-to-date on required eligible vaccinations


Five weeks, in-person



Puppy Graduation upon completion!

Our Puppy Group Class



Health & Safety

Trainer Support

Pay Later Plans Available

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Puppy Class

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    Will there be sanitary measures taken?

    Yes. All training will take place in our classroom and puppies will not be allowed to be on porous surfaces to keep them safe and healthy. The classroom will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after your group session.

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    Is this a group class?

    Yes, this is a group class. This means you and your puppy will be in your sessions with other puppies and their owners. However, the Instructor will ensure all teams are getting the assistance and education they need.

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    My puppy doesn't have all of her vaccines, can I still bring her?

    All puppies must have their rabies vaccine before beginning the Puppy Class. Your puppy must be cleared by our Kennel Master before classes begin, by having your veterinarian’s office send proof of vaccines to our Kennel Master. Our Kennel Master will review all vaccines the puppy has and clear them based on that information.

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    What do I need to bring?

    Your instructor will send an email before your classes begin with a checklist of suggested equipment to bring ahead of your first class. For your first session, you and your puppy will need: a flat collar, a leash, and treats.

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    Do I have to pay the full cost of the classes at once?

    Yes, the $249 cost of the course is due at the time of sign-up. However, we do accept Klara at checkout in our online store. This course is non-refundable. Each class ticket includes a $49 credit to CCU’s on-site store, including our grooming services.

Civilian Courses

Kennel Manager Course
Kennel Manager Course
Our Kennel Manager Course is a two-week course designed to challenge you where you are at.
Chocolate Lab Puppy in the grass outside
Puppy Class
Our Puppy Class is a five-week group class that is designed to help you and your new puppy off to a great start! This course accepts puppies aged 14 weeks to 6 months, with a required rabies vaccination. Your puppy must also be up to date on our required vaccinations should their age allow for it. This course covers potty training, obedience beginnings, socialization, and more!
black belgian malinois sniff the front of a suv
One-on-One Dog Training
Our One-On-One dog training program is developed for you and your dog to work directly with one of our certified trainers. The one-on-one dog training program is ideal for owners who wish to take a dedicated and hands-on approach to their dog’s training. With tremendous flexibility, this program allows you to train as a hobby or for a specific purpose.
Australian Shepherd walking at heal next to trainer
Daily Drop-off Training
Daily Training Program provides the ultimate flexibility in a dog training program built on an Individualized Training Program (ITP) concept. You drop your dog off with us in the morning and picks your dog up at the end of the day. Our staff of certified dog trainers train with your dog throughout the day, training towards your ultimate goals.
handler standing with belgian malinois
Board & Train
Custom Canine Unlimited utilizes the most comprehensive and reliable training methods in training our patrol dogs, with the heaviest focus on control. Case law is clear that a patrol dog must be under control, and our dogs are trained to incorporate the highest case law and industry standards to ensure “road ready” dogs. We believe pushing a dog in training will minimize failures in deployment and reduce liability for our departments.
man playing with ball with belgian malinois
Working Dog Trainer Course
Contrary to what you may have been told or what another company may try to sell you, not all dogs can be trained in the areas you wish or within the timeframe you think.  With this in mind we require a “No Obligation” Dog Training Evaluation for each dog an owner may be looking into having trained for a specific purpose. The best results will come with training each dog within their true capabilities.
German Shepherd looking up
Dog Training Evaluation
Contrary to what you may have been told or what another company may try to sell you, not all dogs can be trained in the areas you wish or within the timeframe you think.  With this in mind we require a “No Obligation” Dog Training Evaluation for each dog an owner may be looking into having trained for a specific purpose. The best results will come with training each dog within their true capabilities.


  Real WORLD.

Dog Boarding

The perfect boarding solution for your agency K9 or personal working dog.  Our trained and certified kennel staff will care for your dog while you are on your much needed vacation.

Working Dogs For Sale

Tested and Selection working dogs for the task. Are selection process has yielded us a less that 1% error rate. See our inventory of single and dual purpose canines. Select your next working dog today.

K9 Training

Our most sought after service we offer. Our K9 Training are built on proven curriculums delivered by subject matter experts. 

Course Schedule

The course schedule is posted so you can plan. Register today for one of our upcoming courses before they fill up.

K9 Resource Membership

Our latest commitment to our industry. Provide the best Online K9 Resource available today. New resources posted weekly.

The Best Online K9 Resource

The availability of working dog resources is scarce. Couple that with GREAT and ONLINE the availability is a rarity. CCU DRIVE is the industry unicorn, and Custom Canine Unlimited has leaped to answer the industry’s calling. We are providing our members with K9 resources in the palm of your hand. We have pulled back the curtain, expanded our reach, and delivered a resource you can have anywhere you have an internet connection and device. Our videos, audio recordings, articles, and Comunity Forum provide our members full access to K9 Training Videos, Working Dog Articles, K9 Business advice, and Q&A. We keep our members fed with weekly content of various perspectives that help K9 handlers, K9 trainers, and Working Dog Business owners worldwide succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is student lodging available?

    Yes. Student lodging is available.

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    Is student lodging included in tuition?
    No. Unfortunately, lodging costs are not included in tuition.

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    Is there financing available?
    Yes. Custom Canine Unlimited has partnered with some third-party finance companies that can finance this course. Contact Us now to get the latest financing options we have available.


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    My dog is missing. Can you track it?

    Unfortunately, our tracking dogs only track humans.  We cannot come to help you find your missing dog.  Sorry. We do hope your find your friend.