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The 3 Factors Behind K9 Drug Dog and Handler Reliability

K9 dog teams need to perform reliably. When they are deployed, their training is being tested in the real world. A handler that is not trained and tested reduces the chance of actually setting up their K9 for success. All dogs and handlers should be trained to the highest standards and certifications possible before they are deployed to ensure the greatest chance of success.

In this article, Custom Canine is going to share the three major factors in the reliability of a K9 drug dog team while in the field — and it starts before they are deployed.

3 Dog and Handler Reliability Factors

There are three factors that greatly influence the success of a drug dog or a drug dog team. You won’t get the results you want unless you have all three of these factors. Custom Canine bases their Reliability Program off these factors, and it’s what allows their dogs and dog teams to deliver such a high rate of success. Here are the factors:

#1. Dog Selection

Did you know that each dog has a unique set of traits and characteristics? This is why it’s important, not only in training but also in deployment, to select the proper job for the dog. The general public see drug dogs on television and think that any K9 with a sniffer can find drugs. While this may be partially true, the dog must be trained and have the proper demeanor to be a true asset to the dog team and their mission. At Custom Canine, they hand select their dogs. They do not broker their dogs.

#2. Dog Training

Foundational dog training is at the core of the Custom Canine drug dog and dog handler training. The core values that guide this training are as follows:

  • Teach on a developed curriculum
  • Include a manual of full details
  • Provide full warranty
  • Ensure record keeping
  • Deliver fill-in-the-blank tests
  • Utilize practical, “real life” exercises

At Custom Canine, we do not make the assumption that there are perfect dogs. Dog training should have training and testing modules to identify what the dog does well and where it needs work. Then, the dog’s issues are fixed so that they can perform at peak level.

#3. Dog Handler Training

As a core belief, knowledge and direction must flow down the leash, not up it — even if the dog is on a verbal leash. Each handler must be trained and tested through classroom and “real life” situations to ensure they are just as prepared as their dog to achieve their mission. Dog handler training should be built around the training-testing method, where handlers are trained to know and tested to grow.

Custom Canine Unlimited: Your Drug Dog and Handler Training Experts

With hand-selected dogs and handler training unsurpassed by any other in the industry, Custom Canine Unlimited is the premier institute for trained drug dogs and dog handlers. Owned and operated by Law Enforcement since 2003, Custom Canine offers extensive training programs, as well as fully trained dogs for sale. When you need reliability, you call Custom Canine Unlimited.

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