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The History Of Police K9 Dogs

When it comes to reliable law enforcement officers, some of the most dedicated and loyal ones have four legs. Canines have been used as police companions and co-workers for centuries, and they can be used to take down suspects, to detect drugs and bombs and for patrolling purposes. But when did humans get the idea to use dogs for working purposes, and how long has that been the case for?

In today’s blog post, we’ll go over the history of police K9 dogs. If you’re in law enforcement or are looking for a reliable police K9 training program, consider signing up for a class at Custom Canine Unlimited. We offer in-person and online K9 training — whichever is most important and convenient for you and your canine’s situation. Contact us today for more information.

The Domestication Of Dogs

Starting out as a subspecies of the gray wolf, dogs were the first domesticated animals to be used for several different purposes. From hunting and working to everyday house pets, there are hundreds of dog breeds out there today — each with their own specific purposes or functions. Find out the best dog breeds for police K9 training here.

In the early ages of dog domestication, the Romans used canines for security and hunting. They, along with the Spanish conquistadors, also used canines to help them as soldiers during wars for scent, scout, patrol and messenger purposes. Dogs back then were commonly used for warfare purposes, though they aren’t seen on war grounds as much today.

History of Police Dogs Around The World

For more than 100 years, law enforcement across the world has utilized the skills and agility of canines through police K9 units. The skills military dogs used back in the day are similar to the skills dogs learn in law enforcement today, as they can undergo K9 training for everything from bomb detection to patrol.

Here’s a quick and easy timeline of the first dogs that were used for policing purposes:

  • 1888: The first uses of police dogs can be traced back to the English, who used bloodhounds’ amazing sense of smell to search for Jack the Ripper.
  • 1899: In Belgium, police started the formal K9 training process for law enforcement dogs.
  • 1910: Germany regularly used K9 units in more than 600 of their largest cities.
  • 1938: Two Labrador Retrievers were specifically trained to join the South London Metropolitan Police Force to accompany officers on patrol.

  • 1970s: The U.S. started regularly utilizing K9 units in law enforcement.

Sign Up For A K9 Training Program At Custom Canine

At Custom Canine Unlimited, we understand what it takes to provide effective K9 training for dogs entering the police force. Our nationally-recognized dog training facility has a successful track record of producing hard-working, well-trained police K9 dogs. Sign up for one of our K9 training programs, which range from police decoy courses to drug detection courses.

If you need a trusted K9 trainer, contact our team today. You can reach us by giving our office a call at (877) 799-4806 or by completing our online form.

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