Image of a Dutch Shepherd doing vehicle detection with his handler


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Trainer Courses

Elevate your passion with Custom Canine Unlimited’s Trainer Courses. Tailored for Veterans, our programs cover detection, tracking, obedience, and patrol. Utilize your VA Education Benefits and connect with like-minded individuals. Experience unparalleled training that blends expertise and camaraderie. Enroll now and build your career in the canine industry. 

Handler Courses

Unleash your potential with our Handler Courses. Transform your passion into expertise with our comprehensive training in drug & explosives detection, tracking, and patrol. Connect with elite professionals and catapult your career to new heights. Reach out to CCU—where dedication meets excellence.

Kennel Master Course

Elevate your kennel to excellence with Custom Canine Unlimited’s Kennel Master Course. Master the essentials of health, nutrition, and successful kennel management. Understand canine body language deeply. Join forces with experts to ensure your working dogs thrive. Enroll today — shape a future where knowledge meets passion.

CCU gave me the tools I need to build my future within the K9 industry and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.
K. Roth

Full Service K9 Trainer | Full Service K9 Handler

It’s a very welcoming place… I would advise anyone, especially Veterans, who are kind of going through those struggles, to definitely choose CCU.
J. Richards

Full Service K9 Handler