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Law Enforcement Appreciation Week: Fish and Game Wardens

Thanks for staying tuned to Custom Canine Unlimited’s Law Enforcement Appreciation Week!  

Any Law Enforcement member gets 25% off any training courses for 24 hours! Contact us for more details!

Today we’d like to show our gratitude to Fish and Game Wardens.  

What do Fish and Game Wardens do? They have the same authority as police officers and are authorized to enforce state laws just as any Uniformed Officer would. Game Wardens can make arrests, write tickets, and seize property just as a Uniformed Officer can. Fish and game wardens serve state and federal agencies as commissioned Law Enforcement Officers responsible for monitoring and managing wildlife, as well as tracking and apprehending poachers. They protect wildlife; enforce fishing, hunting, and boating laws; and patrol lakes, rivers, beaches, wetlands, coastlines, deserts, and the back country. They are employed through each state’s fish, parks, and wildlife department, while federal fish and game wardens are employed as special agents with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Fish and Game Wardens are also commissioned peace officers, which means they can cite people for a wide assortment of crimes that occur in the regions they supervise, as well as conduct investigations, collect evidence, and search homes and vehicles. In certain jurisdictions, fish and game wardens are called Wildlife Officers, Conservation Officers, or Gamekeepers. 

The primary function of Fish and Game Wardens are to enforce the fish and wildlife codes as well as boating, hunting, and fishing laws, but the Wardens are tasked with a wide array of responsibilities. Wardens perform Law Enforcement Tasks such as, investigating wildlife crimes, managing wildlife population, tracking and investigating poachers, conducting search and rescue operations, presenting educational programs to the public, assisting with conservation programs, investigating reports of wildlife damaging crops or property, providing assistance to other Law Enforcement agencies, Ensuring public safety from mountain lions, bears, coyotes, cougars, and other types of wildlife in populated areas, compiling biological data, and aiding in the prosecution of court cases and testifying at trials. 

Fish and Game Wardens use K9s similarly to other Law Enforcement; because they have the authority to make traffic stops and arrests, Game Wardens canine counterparts can be useful in drug interdiction. If you can believe it, Game Wardens used to take their personal dogs with them during their patrols to help find poached game and illegal firearms! Game Warden’s K9s have come a long way! K9s can aide in the capture of hunters, hunting illegal harvest. The K9s can even lead the Warden right to the criminal!  

Game Wardens are some of Law Enforcement most susceptible to the elements, so it is imperative that they have a K9 who is professionally trained. A K9 can be responsible for finding a missing person’s whose tracks may have disappeared in the rain or snow. Our K9s are no stranger to tracking! Check out what K9 “Magnum”, who is a Custom Canine Unlimited alum, along with his handler, was able to track to help solve a big case: . Our professionally acclaimed and rigorous training courses guarantee to instill the skills in K9s to be able to help crack that big case. Custom Canine Unlimited not only trains K9s, but helps K9 Handlers realize their full potential when being a part of a K9 unit.  

Thank you Fish and Game Wardens! We appreciate you keeping our communities and wildlife safe. We don’t think you get enough recognition, so we have dedicated a day to you! We have your back, just as you have ours. 

Any Law Enforcement member gets 25% off any training courses for 24 hours! Contact us for more details!

Stay tuned for 6 days of Law Enforcement Appreciation ! 

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